A Read-a-thon for Reading Week


Reading week is the long-awaited chance for everyone to catch a breath after midterms.

I challenge everyone to go on a read-a-thon this week. I have prepared a list of great (read: free) hideouts for any bookworms out there.

Places of note

The McGill Bookstore. Did you know there is a new lounge area that just opened up on the 3rd floor? Exciting! Also, at this time of the year the textbook section is very quiet… Quiet enough that you can go in and grab a seat and crack open any of the textbooks (for absolutely free).

The Paragraphe Bookstore. It’s so close to campus that I’m surprised that I never visited until recently. This store sits right outside Roddick gates has a wider English repertoire than most in Montreal, possibly because they mostly cater to McGillians.

The Word Bookstore. An attic-feel little shop two blocks East from Milton Gates. Textbooks, as well as some rarer finds, can be seen stacked on the shelves. Bonus: the shop buys back selected textbooks at the start of each semester for decent prices, and you can also find some used textbooks that are lower in price than the McGill Bookstore.

The Indigo Bookstore is three blocks south of Roddick gates, located in the Place Montreal Trust. There is a great variety of both English and French titles, simply because of the size of the store. The little cafe on the second floor plus the chairs throughout the store make here the ideal spot to read the popular titles for free.

The Grande Bibliotheque at Berri-UQAM is one of the Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ) . Housed in this glassy and well-lit building are all the French titles one can think of (if not, it can be requested to be transferred over from another library under the BAnQ. In addition, the selection contains many children’s books and English classics. It is a must-go if one is interested in exploring the world of Francophone literature.

Happy book hunting!


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