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classWe are just about to hit the month of April which means many things. Courses are ending, assignments are due, finals are beginning, and course registration will be opening up soon. For many it may also mean that they will be graduating within the next few months. The amount of stress that occurs during this period can be overwhelming, but it is also important to make sure everything gets done.

Course registration is one of the most important things because you have to know what classes you need to take in order to fulfill your degree requirements. If you have one major, there are 36 credits you need to fulfill – some of which are specific courses; likewise, for minors & honor concentrations. In order to make sure that you are taking courses that will be counted towards your degree, and that you aren’t wasting your time in classes that won’t count, you should make sure to go see your departmental advisor.

When you go see your advisor you should print out a copy of your unofficial transcript, and have a list of the courses that you want to take. That way the advisor can see what courses you have already done, and which requirements you have already met. By being able to see that, they will know if the courses you plan on taking are wise choices, and if not will be able to provide recommendations as to what courses you should be taking.

Each department has their own advisor, so make sure to look on the McGill website to find out who you should be meeting with, and if you cannot make their drop-in times how to schedule an appointment with them. In some cases, like mine for example, you will have taken courses which will not be able to count for any credit towards your degree – in scenarios like that, you may have to request to go over your credit limit. For myself, I have to request to go over the credit limit by 6 credits, in other words, by 2 classes. To do that, I need to meet with the faculty advisor, who for me is the Arts Advisor, at Oasis. I will be making an appointment to discuss with the advisor how I came about to be in this situation, and why I should be granted permission to go over my credit limit. Had I realized this in my first year, and met with advisors originally, maybe I wouldn’t have been in this situation.

If you are still unsure at this point what major or minor you wish to pursue, that’s fine! Just take courses that interest you, but that still have the opportunity for counting towards a degree. If you are really unsure, then I highly recommend going to talk to an advisor, or even going to CAPS in attempt to try and determine the field you wish to work in.

Don’t forget course registration opens next week, so don’t wait until the last minute to figure this all out! If you wait until the last minute, then you run the risk of courses being full, and having to make an alternate choice. Best of luck!

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