Here Comes the Sun

tumblr_static_cxzfy59e4g00sgsc80wg0cogc_640_v2Today I went to my final classes of second year. Most of them were review, a lot of them let me know of the difficulty of exams to come. I will be writing essays for what feels like a very long time. But this is something everyone can relate to. Rather, I’m excited for my summer.

This summer, I’m continuing my position in the McGill Alumni Office. It’s a great position because I enjoy working with a team, helping manage the minutia of planning and even work events with wonderful, wonderful people.

Just a few weeks ago I was able to go to the Walrus Talks on campus and worked the registration table. There were so many inspiration voices for Africa, the Next Generation and from then on I’ve been interested in getting more involved with the Walrus, international issues and the voices here on campus that need to be heard.

All of this, of course, is very nice to hear about but does have a point. I’m working towards keeping a ┬álasting and secure job at school and refuse to sacrifice my desire to enjoy my work. I’ve never done anything less and though summer can be a time to get a job at the food court and work long hours and save, it can also be a time where you add resume building and inspirational experiences to your life.

I highly recommend looking a little harder, consulting resources like CAPS and calling up that company you’re so fond of. You never know where possibility may be and it will always be worth it to at least attempt to find out.

Fortunately, I’ll be able to keep up with my experiences on the blog over the summer! Montreal in the summer has always seemed like an enchanting time and I’m very excited to experience it. I’m certain that many more new adventures lay ahead and I cannot wait to share them.

Goodluck on exams!

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