What to do this Summer?

empThis is the last week of final exams (hallelujah!) which means that it is basically summer – well not officially, but you know what I mean. It’s time to drop the books, and make plans for the next four months. But what should you do?

Honestly, it may not be what you want to do but if you are close to graduating I would definitely check out your degree requirements to make sure you aren’t missing anything. Because if you wait and find out you’re one course short to graduate you won’t be very happy with yourself. If you are missing one course and realize it won’t fit in your schedule next year, I would definitely recommend taking a summer course. I took one last year, and this year I will be taking another one. The reason I have to do summer courses was because I changed my mind about what I wanted to do (involving my degree), and have to make up certain courses if I still wish to graduate on time. Thankfully, summer courses only last 1 month and they go by really fast.

Another recommendation? Go look for a summer job, make some extra cash. One of the perks to finishing university at the end of April is that your working availability begins early May, whereas all those other students can usually start in June. Look at all the stores that are near you, and begin applying. Even if there are no signs posted saying they are looking for people, hand in your CV as there is never any harm in trying. Also, McGill offers a great searching tool through MyFuture. Just log into MyFuture, click on “Jobs” and enter any criteria that you are looking for. That’s how I got this volunteer position writing blogs!

Also check out internships! Not only do those look great on CV’s and when applying for future jobs, but it also gives you hands-on experience on a job related to something you are interested in. Internships are hard to come by because of how competitive they are, but you can definitely find some through McGill. Even check out the CAPS office if you’re having trouble. I would also recommend checking out LinkedIn because I have had friends who have managed to find internships through there.

If none of these sound like something that would interest you, then I would say just kick back and relax. If you’re staying in Montreal, then you should definitely explore the city. I’ve had friends who felt like they were trapped in a “McGill Bubble” and were unaware of anything that happened outside of this area. You can go check out the Biodome, Laronde, all the music festivals happening throughout the summer, Just for Laughs, etc., there is so much that could be done here! Or if you’re going back home for the summer, just relax and spend the time with your family.

You did it, you survived another year at McGill. You deserve to spend your time however you wish.

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