Finally Free


freedom-clipart-escapeWell another year has passed and the semester has come to an end! Congratulations everyone on making it through another semester. Finals are the worst part of every year, and even if you don’t ace your exam, grades are NOT all that matter. Jobs and grad schools look at your extracurricular activities and work experience. So don’t worry if you didn’t do as well as you wanted to on an exam.


Since this will be my last post, I wanted to write a conclusion to everything that I had been writing about for the past year. Frequently, I had mentioned about volunteering to work in a lab. Guess what guys! I will be volunteering now in two different labs throughout the summer, and come next semester I will be doing my own research project as well! Through much procrastination, I am pleased to announce that all my hard work was worth it.


If applying to a lab is something that interests you, start e-mailing teachers NOW. Even if you can only begin volunteering in the fall it is best to start expressing your interest now. Don’t worry if you don’t hear back from professors or even if you get rejection letters, these things take time and determination. As the old saying goes, if you believe you will succeed.


If you aren’t sure where to begin applying for job I would advise you to go to the Stewart Biology Building, on each floor they have bulletin boards where professors post that they are looking for volunteers. The best place to begin applying is definitely within labs that are presently looking for people. Don’t be upset if you begin doing simple tasks like photocopying and filing, we all begin somewhere and we work our way up.


As for everything else, enjoy your summer. Get an internship, take a summer course, apply in a lab, volunteering some free time, go on vacation – it’s your time to do whatever you wish, you have definitely deserved it. This summer I will be volunteering in two labs, working part time (possibly as a manager!), taking a summer course, and still trying to relax in my free time. If you know how to manage your work load anything is possible.


I have enjoyed writing for you guys this past year, and I wish you all the best in the future.

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