Summer Work for Future Rewards

It’s always stressful jumping into something or beginning something new. For so many of my friends they are starting their internships or summer jobs and need to adjust to finally working in the field they’ll be in once theygraduate. Your manager is most likely not someone you share classes with and you probably won’t need a hair net anymore.

This means new and exciting things, bringing you one step closer to the finish line like you’ve always imagined it! But also adds a whole new level of weight onto your shoulders. Looking for those rare positions are hard enough but now the pressure is on to keep it up and get that glowing recommendation.

I’d suggest:

1. Be early. I can’t stress this enough. It should be boringly predictable how reliable you are.

2. Be clear, concise and confident. No one should misunderstand the point you are making or your objective.

3. Be serviceable. When it come’s down to it, you’re there to be an asset to the company/establishment/practice etc. There is no such thing as working too hard or being too enthusiastic about your position.

4. Be calm. Under stress, under criticism, under praise.

5. Be heard. Your opinion does matter and it’s so valuable to learn to contribute. Sometimes you’ll look amazing and sometimes less so but the important part is that they remember your effort. You want them to have things to say about you, and not just the “good worker that preformed tasks well”.

This is my humble advice and I hope it helps. It certainly shocked me when I realized I needed to come out of my shell and say something. It shocked me that I actually had interesting things to say.

These kinds of positions are an asset to you in a number of ways. They look amazing on your CV but also give you a taste of what your future could be like. As with everything, try to get the most out of this small glimpse ahead.

Best of luck to you fortunate employees/interns!

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