When You Have Time

TimeI’ve written about time-management before and productivity. This is different. I want to be more proactive. I want to be a busy person, and I think you should to.

I was once told, “If you want something done, ask a busy person” and I thought that was insane logic. If someone is busy, how can they get anything new finished, they’re already preoccupied. On the contrary, this has proved time and time again to be a tried and true pattern with successfully productive, proactive people.

If you’re aren’t already busy, make yourself busy. You could really, really benefit from it.

I love to try my hand in things and keep activities and hobbies on the go. I work on creative projects with photography. I write for papers. I volunteer for fashion shows and charitable music initiatives. I go to yoga at least 4 times a week. I keep up to date with my friendships and put in the effort to maintain long distance relationships with a lot of the people I’m close to. I like to keep a job. (DISCLAIMER: This does not all happen at the same time and I probably watch a movie a day via Netflix). I love keeping busy. It makes me better. It keeps me active. And even if sometimes it all stresses me out and things get in the way, keeping busy teaches you to prioritize and gives you good stress.

Now, here are some suggestions from myself, and from Red Lemon Club, for things to try a hand in to make your personal and professional life richer from all of that lovely summer leisure time:

1. Write

Research papers. Stories. Poems. To-Do Lists. Journals. Keep your mind proactive. Try writing for something in your industry. Find a blog like this one or an article or try getting published!

2. Join an Organization

I seriously considered just walking into a newspaper office and asking if they needed someone to pick up a story. I’m not sure how well that would have worked out for me but it’s really worth a shot. Just ask. Get out there and try to be a part of something. Even if it’s a little part.

3. Get/Buy a ticket

Train ticket. Concert ticket. Museum ticket. Conference ticket. It doesn’t need to be worth money or for some crazy event. Just get out there and experience something.

4. Edit.

Revamp your resume. Clean up your office. De-clutter and organize your life a little more than before. Buy an agenda if you don’t have one. Put up a grocery list on the fridge.

5. Pick up the phone and use it as a device for conversation.

I work with someone that wants to go into law. She knows that this is her raison d’etre and is confident in her life plan. However, she consistently calls people in all aspects of the law field to interview them to learn more about being a lawyer and types of law and how people ended up pursuing law. Ten Thousand Coffee (a jumpstart in Toronto that is also now the basis of McGill Connect, exclusive for McGill Alumni) promotes professional connections, casual coffee meets ups and facilitating opportunities. Give it a try.

There are many ways, both big and small, that these changes can impact the way you appear professionally and behave personally. It’s all about how you utilize the opportunity of your curiosity, your interests, your passion and your internet access.


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