Go Outside: A Guide to Summer Loving in Montreal

Montreal_Jazz_Festival_Montreal_Jazz_Festival - 13Careers matter. But so do experiences.

As much as I love writing about careers, studying and self-help, my passion is in culture writing and life in Montreal.

If you haven’t noticed -or rather, if you haven’t stepped foot outside- Montreal is bursting with loud, live activities.

Right at this moment the World’s Largest Jazz Festival is happening. This lineup is exquisite- with something for every listener that wants to experience the vivacious musical spirit of the city.

And as soon as that party ends, OSHEAGA (July 29-31) sets up front and center. Tickets may be sparse now, but if you late-comers can catch them then you won’t be disappointed. Rock, folk, indie alternative, pop, rap and more meld together with a list of headliners a mile long.

Not only this, but Repercussion Theatre is holding Shakespeare in the Park all summer! Julius Caesar is playing with an all-female cast! Not only is this event wonderfully cost-effective (free), but it’s incredibly exciting!

With the Pompeii exhibition at the Musée des Beaux Arts and the Eleganza fashion exhibition at the Musée de Concord, there is always something to experience.

From the Poutine Festival to the Circe du Soleil, Montreal has it made. It’s a city that truly rewards you with experiences and showers you in opportunities.

Here is a list of the most amazing festivals happening this summer season.

Here is a list of the festivals happening all year.

Here are all the fun things you can do in Old Port this summer.

Here is a list of the FREE activities happening in Montreal this summer. So there are no excuses.

Build you resume, expand your CV, make connections but also experience all this city has to offer in the most wonderful time of year.

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