From Your Friendly Neighborhood Work Study

workstudyLittle known fact, McGill gives the most financial aid to students in Canada (so says MacLeans University reviews).

If you’re receiving any kind of government aid, such as OSAP, you’re likely eligible for the Work Study program. And even then, you can apply for McGill Financial Aid.

This is just a friendly reminder that WORK STUDY application is OPEN on the Financial Aid area of your Minerva.

It well worth your while regardless(whether you’re from Quebec, other Canadian provinces or International) to check where you stand with government aid.

Contact the Scholarships and Student Aid office for questions and appointments. Every bit helps.

I work in a castle on Peel St. and do a myriad of jobs as an assistant, loving the opportunities my job presents me. I have actually gained so much more from my experience at McGill working for McGill.

CAPs provides so many amazing resources alongside the Work Study program that, even though jobs can be difficult to grab, there is definitely support.

Please head my friendly reminder and explore your financial options.

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