Now That You’re an Alumni – Ways to Stay Connected

Congratulations on completing this chapter of your life! It might feel like a small eternity ago since you first received that acceptance letter in the mail. Now, years after taking the leap of moving to a new city, or even just immersing in a new environment, the McGill community that once seemed so vast and unexplored has now become a comforting bubble. With an undergraduate degree now under your belt, remember to stay connected to your McGill roots as you go out into the world.

It’s a gift to stay connected to people who share similar memories. I mean, no one wants to forget about the legend of Flood Girl or the time when final exams were relocated to the SoctiaBank Theatre. You’ll see your McGill roots grow even deeper as you connect with these alumni groups and services, with 250 000 alumni worldwide. Instantly, you now share one more thing in common with Justin Trudeau and Leonard Cohen.

Below are some ways to stay connected:

McGill Alumni Association hosts various events both in Montreal and abroad. There are several sub-branches within the Association, so you’re never very far from a fellow McGillian. This short and incomplete list is a good place to start.

  1. McGill Alumni Association’s site and Facebook page.
  2. McGill Young Alumni’s Facebook page.
  3. McGill Women’s Alumnae Association’s Facebook page.

McGill Connect is free and offered through the McGill Alumni Association. It is intended for networking and meeting like-minded individuals, in person or online. When you create an account, McGill Connect will ask about your topics of interest, what you’re looking to gain, and what you’re able to offer. Users can receive and offer mentorship, portfolio reviews, career advice, or simply become connected, just to name a few.

McGill’s Career Planning Services offer mentorship programs for current students and recent graduates. The service is free and is a four-month commitment. You can sign up as a mentee (or mentor) to become connected with one mentor (or mentee). The database of mentors is quite impressive, with alumni who have become leaders in their fields, ready and willing to work with you on your own career path. For more information on applications, click here.

Happy connecting!


I’m grateful to have this opportunity to share my experiences on a larger platform than through my personal blog. Sharing is a way to extend and preserve my experience, and I want this exchange to be as helpful as possible for readers! If there is anything I touched upon that you would like to read more on, please leave a note in the comments, and I will try to make it happen.

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