Taking a Summer Class in Montreal

Although the thought of summer break approaching can be the only thing carrying you through winter finals, taking a summer class in Montreal can be a great experience. With its own benefits and drawbacks, taking a class in the summer can be a widely different experience from regular scheduled classes. Here’s what I took away from my first summer class at McGill.


Longer classes that occur more frequently can make for an intense six weeks of work. But with this intensity comes quick-forming friendships and successful teamwork. In the first few weeks of my summer class, I’d made more close friends than I have in four months of  some of my winter or fall courses. There’s a campy vibe to summer classes —especially in one with less than 60 students— that makes the whole course feel more like an intense group project we’re all working on together.

What’s more, taking a summer class can help give the beginning of your summer a more steady schedule. Knowing that I had to be in class twice a week for three hours helped me organize the rest of my time—whether it was for work, volunteering, or leisure— and feel less like I was wasting my summer away. Although staying indoors while it was beautiful outside was difficult, it made me appreciate my time outside of class even more.

Keeping up with a summer course load can be intense, but the social aspect of class in the summer made up for it. Bearing in mind that the summer course would make for a lighter workload during the regular semester further helped me push through the higher level of work. Finally, if you’re from out of town, I highly suggest taking a summer class to experience Montreal in the summer. It might even make up for those awful winter months.

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