Tis the Season!: Go-To-Guide for Montreal Summer Festivals

If you’re around for the summer in Montreal, you have been gifted with the unique opportunity to discover how absolutely wild this city gets when it’s warm.

Truly, the minute it reaches above 20 a stage goes up at Place des Arts and does NOT come down until we begrudgingly make our way to classes in September.

Without further ado, here are the hits you can’t miss, curtesy of Flight Network Blog:

Montreal International Jazz Festival (June 28 – July 8)

We’ve got Bob Dylan, Feist, Bobby Bada$$ and so much more! You can definitely find me in this crowd has flooded the Place des Arts area and taken over with music, dancing and drinking!



Just for Laughs (July 12 – 31)

Celebrities from all over the world are coming to get roasted and rip-roaring in this comedic event featuring Sugar Sammy, Rick Mercer, Laverne Cox, Jim Carrey and so much more! This craziness is usually abound in the city given the Just for Laughs gags but this festival takes it to a whole new level!



Osheaga (August 4 – 6)

Headliners like The Weeknd, Lorde and Muse are coming down for this amazing festival come August! If you’re into indie rock, alternative, R&B, rap, pop- really there is something for everyone. Check out the site for passes and more info on all the crazy activities and shows happening soon!


ÎleSoniq (Aug. 11-12)

Get ready to dance because Tiesto, Migos, Afrojack, and Porter Robinson are hitting Montreal as headliners to one of the craziness festivals in the city! If you’re looking for a wild time then get your passes in advance!




This list may be a bit incomplete as a bunch of other minor and past festivals, such as Beer Fest, Francofolies, MURAL and Fashion Week aren’t included. With that in mind, keep checking for the various activities and cites I’ll be writing about this summer!

Check out Flight Network Blog for more information on these MTL Festivals and other fun things to do around the city!


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