Getting Work Done in the Summer

Whether you’re working on personal projects, applying for scholarships, or preparing for applications in the fall, getting things accomplished in the summer can be a difficult task. With the sun finally coming out and festivals left and right, distractions often act as roadblocks between you and your work goal. Here’s how I try to keep on top of things, despite sometimes giving in to the summer temptations




Set deadlines for yourself.

While you can tell yourself you have a whole month to complete that application, set a concrete deadline for yourself and stick to it! In my case, adding a time pressure to the mix helps me keep focused. Although you might have other plans during the week—like work, volunteering, or going to that comedy show—having a concrete due date for your work will help you devote some time for your work. Once you have a self-made deadline, you can plan around it and make the most of your time.

Tell people about your plans.

If you’re going to apply or a scholarship or get started on work for the fall, tell someone about it. If you let your parents know or casually mention it to a friend, you’ll not only feel more proud of your work, but you’ll be held accountable. If I know someone knows about my scholarship application, the concept seems more concrete and I’ll be more committed to getting it done. What’s more, I’ll have someone to celebrate with if I get it.

Change your environment.

While working from your bed or couch can be more comfortable, going somewhere with less distractions can be the difference between getting your application done and wasting time online. Going to the library or the park can get you in the right mindset to push through and accomplish your self-set goals. Besides, walking to the library or working outside can give you a reason to enjoy the good weather without feeling guilty for pushing your deadlines. McGill’s libraries have nice views and plenty of space—just don’t forget a sweater!

Work hard and enjoy the sun!


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