Doing the Research

Whether you’re writing a new version of your CV or getting ready for an interview, it’s always worth preparing yourself by doing research or seeing an advisor. McGill has a wide set of resources to help students present themselves in an ideal way to employers or anyone else. If you need to write a cover letter or efficiently search for jobs, McGill resources—like CaPS or faculty-specific resources and advisors—can help you get where you need to be. Here are the resources that I’ve found most helpful.

1. Advisors

Not only can advisors help you figure out what career path you want to pursue, but they also have knowledge about what you need to do to accomplish your goals. Advisors who are specialized in specific majors or certificates are especially valuable; they can help you tackle industry-specific applications, standards, and events. Their personal, insider view can give you a sense of what’s important within your prospective field, and what to look out for.

2. How-To Guides

While how-to guides are less personal and available to any student, they can give you a more broad idea of what you’re working on while helping you with specifics. For example, CaPS’ How to Write a CV guide offers a lot of essential tips, while listing action verbs that help you get specific and avoid repetition. This guide is a life saver when you’ve used the same word a few too many times.

3. Job Search and Career Handbooks

Exploring your potential career and industry is an important part of knowing how to present yourself, what to focus on, and whether you fit in. CaPS’ Job Search Handbook offers links to various search engines, websites, and databases that can help you get a good first look at your industry or career. Desautels Faculty of Management equally has industry-specific handbooks that have proven to be helpful (accessible via the BCom portal).

4. Mentors

Finally, McGill offers many mentorship programs that connect you with experienced, interested professionals who want to help. Speaking with a mentor is definitely a more personal, direct way to get advice on any career or school-related topic.

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