Extracurricular Activities Experience

I wanted to talk about my experience participating in club activities in my first year. I was heavily involved in a club called the Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children. This club had a committee called the Community Involvement Committee of which I was part of. The main goal of this committee was to reach out to the community and fundraise for the community. One of the major activities which we did was a clothing drive in the fall semester. It took a lot of planning and execution required commitment.

The committee usually does one to two major events throughout the year. Someone within the committee came up the idea of doing a clothing drive. After much discussion, we narrowed it down to doing a winter clothing drive. We would eventually donate these clothes to a charity. We first began by researching which charities the clothes we collected from this drive would be donated to. After researching, our committee came together to discuss which charity to choose. Since we decided that this would be a winter clothing drive, we wanted people to donate mittens, jackets, and things for the winter (hence the ‘winter’ clothing drive). Also, what things we wanted people to donate would also go on the poster we would make. A date range of when we wanted to run this drive was also decided.

Tasks were assigned to each member of the committee. There would be one person assigned to make the posters, place the boxes in specific locations (we had to check if it was okay to put the box there), do announcements in class, and send the poster to professors for them to display to the class. The boxes for people to put their donated clothes were made by the committee together in one of the meetings. We would get committee members to check on the boxes regularly and we saw that there were many donations.

In the end, we had over 350 donations of clothing. We collected all the boxes and stored it at one of the executive’s apartment. We had a day where we went to the charity to donate the clothes. The manager of the charity kindly gave us a tour of the charity (behind the scenes and the shop) and it was an exciting experience!

I also participated in UNICEF in my first year. UNICEF had more members than FIMRC. I couldn’t do more behind the scenes work at UNICEF, but it was still fun. I was on the Special Events Committee. I participated as a volunteer in many events throughout the year. The first one was a bake sale as a fundraiser. I also helped out at a Model UN conference and manned the delegate resource table. There, I would tell people about UNICEF if they had any questions.

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