Finding Extracurricular Activities at McGill

McGill has a plethora of extracurricular activities. From charity organizations to academic clubs, we’ve pretty much got a range of it all – so much so that you should be able to find at LEAST one club that suits your interests. However, a wide range of activities to choose from means a wide range of application methods to go through. Without knowing where to look, you might not be able to find the ideal activity for you – even though it probably does exist. Here are some general platforms that I’ve found helped me discover different extracurricular opportunities.

Activities Night. This is held at the beginning of each semester on campus (though it would be best to attend the September fair if you plan to be involved with a club all year round). Essentially, most clubs have a stand at activities night with information about their club and how you can get involved. This is probably the primary and most effective way for you to get to know about the extracurricular organizations at McGill. In many cases, the organization will have a sign-up sheet where you can provide your e-mail address to be subscribed to their listserv (which would further provide you with more information about the organization).

  1. Like it or not, social media has expanded in such a way that almost everyone and everything has some sort of profile on it. Again, pretty much all clubs would have a Facebook page with information about what they do on it. The thing about Facebook pages, though, is that you have to know what to search. If you already know of an existing club but want to get in touch/want to know more, then searching them up on Facebook would be convenient. Facebook is also useful for “guess-finding” – if you think a club might exist because it’s a university-wide organization (such as the McGill branch of a charity organization), then Facebook can be a good place to try search it up. I myself have “guess found” many organizations at McGill.
  2. SSMU Website. Most student-run extracurricular activities at McGill have some kind of profile with SSMU. If you visit the SSMU website, there is a tab for “Clubs and Services”. A categorically-organized list of all the clubs at McGill should appear as well as their contact information.
  3. The majority of my involvement and opportunities have come to me because of people I knew that also knew about it. Talk with your friends and see what they’re involved in, or discuss your interests and perhaps they might know of a club or two that suits you. You can also discuss opportunities with someone you know academically – almost every single academic department at McGill has a student-run representative committee that you can get in touch with.


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