Taking on More Responsibility

When it comes to teamwork in group projects and papers—which occur in almost every class within the Desautels Faculty of Management—I often take on a leadership role. This might be because I like planning and delegating, or because I like to bring out the value in people by highlighting their ideas and integrating them into a solid plan. Either way, I often find taking on responsibility in a school setting to be instinctive and rewarding. However, undertaking a leadership role in this setting comes naturally and is not accompanied by a specific title or explicit duties. Assuming responsibility in other settings, whether it be in student clubs or volunteer work, is what I’m working towards next. These require applications, interviews, and more thought. Here are my hopes and expectations.

In my first year at McGill, I joined McGill Students for UN Women as a general member. Throughout the year, I planned and promoted events for gender-based global issues with a team of diverse and enthusiastic McGill students. When applications for the following year’s executive team came around, I decided to apply for the club’s Vice Chair Finance, a role that would allow me to apply my love for numbers and organization while continuing to contribute my creativity to the team’s planning efforts. When browsing through the duties of the executive team, I felt a little overwhelmed; while I wanted to take on more responsibility and make a bigger difference in the club, I was also intimidated by my prospective position and the mistakes I could make. However, I overcame my minor imposter syndrome and submitted my application—and was ultimately chosen for the job. In the upcoming year, I hope to use this position to make my mark with McGill Students for UN Women, improve my leadership skills, and become more confident in my abilities.

Throughout the summer, I have been volunteering for McGill, both for CSI McGill, an information session for incoming students from CEGEP, and in preparation for Discover McGill, a campus-wide University welcome day. As a volunteer for these events, I have collaborated with others to welcome and sign-in students, answer McGill-related questions, put together Healthy McGill packages, and the like. These experiences have enabled me to help new McGill students feel welcome while meeting incredible people. Nevertheless, I have aspired to take on more responsibility to help make these events as successful as possible, which is why I applied to be a team captain for Discover McGill 2017—and have since landed an interview for the position. Taking on this role would be a great opportunity for me to make a difference and expand my skillset, as well as step outside of my comfort zone.

Starting off in more general positions in these settings has allowed me to get a feel for how things are done, what could be improved, and how I could make a difference. Being a general member of McGill Students for UN Women and a volunteer for various McGill events have been rewarding in so many ways, but knowing that I could contribute more and put my talents to use has pushed me to take undertake more responsibility.

A quote to keep in mind:

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” —John F. Kennedy

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