Cafés: the Newest Study Spaces

For me personally, the perfect study space is in the comfort of my own room, where I’m free to follow my own routine and get up whenever needed without having to worry about leaving my things out on the table, all while not getting distracted by others passing by or loud conversations. I know for many of my friends, however, that it is quite the contrary for them. Unable to stay focused at home, other settings give them the motivation to study and keep on track. Once you’re in your final year, you know what works best for you, but in the meantime, there are plenty of spaces to go to if you’re in need of a change in environment while you review your notes for that upcoming midterm.


An obvious one. Due to McGill having several libraries, there are study spaces for everyone: quiet vs. conversation, individual vs. group, etc. You can also reserve rooms if you need space for practicing a presentation or preparing group projects. The libraries are the most ideal if you’re planning on staying for extensive periods of time. This one’s pretty self-explanatory.


A popular choice among students. What better way to sit down and review than in an aesthetic coffee house with a warm cup of coffee on a very cold Montreal winter morning? These are everywhere and offer a convenient alternative if studying on campus during the week-end is just not for you. A plus: so many people opt to do their work here that it tends to offer the same studious atmosphere you would find in a library.

Common Study Rooms in Rez

Especially practical for first-years. RVC, New Rez, C4, La Citadelle, Upper Residence, and Solin Hall all have common study rooms. These may not always be the quietest places to work, but good for studying in groups or with friends. Also a nice option for lazy weekends when you don’t want to leave the grounds of the residence, but have to leave your room if you really want to get some studying done.

Brown Building Work Spaces

Different buildings on campus have common spaces reserved for students to study. The Brown Building offers multipurpose spaces with desks and chairs to sit and review between classes. Because they’re public spaces however, they’re likely not ideal for long hours of studying and those seeking uninterrupted silence, though they work well for catching up on reading or looking over notes.

As we reach the end of the month, students will be spending more and more time studying. This is the moment to find the right place to focus and work, so that you will be able to study for midterms in the conditions that work best for you.

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One response to “Cafés: the Newest Study Spaces”

  1. Bernard Wauquier says:

    These newest study spaces are also meeting places, they are hot working places to exchange ideas, to help each other to prepare the work, midterms and final exams.

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