Unconventional Study Hubs

With midterm season approaching, you might be cracking down on those books. You’ve heard of Schulich, McLennan, Redpath, the typical locations… if you’re looking for innovative (or simply less crowded) areas to study, feel free to check out my list of favourites!

  1. Trottier Building, 3rd and 4th floors. Lots of room and really fast internet. You’ll be able to find a space here even during exam season; unfortunately, you’ll have to ask an eng or compsci friend to let you in after hours or on the weekend. You can also try to sneak snacks from the ECSESS/CSUS lounge or buy coffee at Paramount!     
  2. Music Library. This place just gives you great studying vibes and there’s plenty of room. It also doesn’t smell like sweat (*cough* Schulich) and is conveniently located on Sherbrooke as opposed to up the hill.
  3. Burnside Basement. Probably one of the warmest places to study, but it has a cosy vibe and a prime location on campus. The basement is also connected underground to other buildings, including FDA, Otto Maass, and McConnell, so you don’t have to step outside in the cold.
  4. Islamic Studies Library. It’s a gorgeous studying location and very, very silent. You won’t find the Redpath conversations that distract you from actually studying. Plus, the view of the octagon room will leave you breathless (and potentially encourage you to stop procrastinating).
  5. Law Library. The walk is definitely worth the wait; when you reach it, you will be inspired to cram for hours on end. It tends to be on the busy side, so get there early enough or get a friend to save you a spot!
  6. FrezCa at RVC Cafeteria. This might not be the most pertinent location for upper years, but if you’re a U0/U1 student taking any science or eng courses, it’s amazing. Open from 14:30-16:30 Mon-Thurs, you’ll be surrounded by upper years and TAs who will help you study for exams. You’re basically visiting all your office hours in one shot!
  7. McDonald Engineering. You can take a seat on the stools next to the staircase or try to find an empty classroom in McDonald-Harrington. Generally pretty quiet and lacking in the distress of fourth-year engineers cramming for finals like Schulich 5th. Plus, the building is well-organized and gives you a sense of… accomplishment?
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