Seasonal Part-Time Job Opportunities

As students, when we think of part-time jobs, we think of gigs that keep us going during the school year – the workplace you go to in between classes to make extra cash. Free time during the summer means you can opt for 2-month internships, full-time jobs, and of course, catching a break. But if you’ve only started getting into the groove of university life after your first year at McGill, working during the semester might seem like added stress and an intimidating step to take. So, why not start with a part-time job during the summer instead? Because everybody has to start somewhere and a part-time job is a boost to your CV, here are some student jobs to consider doing in the next few months:

You already know about working at a coffee house, serving at a restaurant, being a barista, a sales associate, a cashier, a tutor, a babysitter, or a camp counsellor. During the summer months, job options tend to open up. Even if only part-time, you may find something you are more interested in doing and be able to commit to it for a longer period of time.

Tour Guide: Whether for a hot tourist spot or showing visitors around a museum, tour guides are in demand during the summer and can help you improve your speaking and leadership skills. It’s a bonus if you can speak several languages and are already very familiar with and knowledgable on the place you’ll be showing.

Camp Sports Coach: If you are an athlete, like teaching and mentoring kids, and like to spend time outdoors, this one might be for you. It is a more physical alternative to school subject tutoring, and still allows you to improve your leadership and organizational skills along the way.

Swim Instructor: This requires strong swimming skills and certifications, as well as the ability to communicate with children and meet goals. However, if a good match for you, it can be a very rewarding experience and is in higher demand during the summer.

General Site Laborer: Site laborers help in the maintenance and care of historical sites, botanical gardens, park trails, etc., and with various other tasks assigned to them. It is a very hands-on, manual job and demands hard work under all sorts of conditions.

Amusement Park Attendant: Assisting guests, providing information and directions, checking heights and restraints, and operating rides are all tasks you may be assigned to do. You must be responsible, reliable, able to follow directions, able to work in a fast-paced environment, and willing to work under various conditions.

There are plenty of summer part-time jobs available, which is good if your summer is not booked with internships and holiday traveling and you’re looking to gain some work experience. Not only will it be beneficial to you, but many of these opportunities will still allow you to enjoy the beautiful summer weather as well!

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  1. Bernard Wauquier says:

    Morgane, I am glad you have followed through on your task, it was not easy because you often were overwhelmed by all your courses and the work that they needed; well done!

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