Social Media for the Better

It is no surprise to anyone that social media plays a tremendous role in our lives. Sometimes even too much of a role. As exaggerated as it seems, social media platforms consume us, controlling many aspects of our lives – and we let them. It’s the first thing we want to check on when we wake up and the last before we fall asleep, and we can’t help checking again every spare moment we get. We present ourselves different from who we are and crave the likes and comments and shares this generates. At a time where so many of us are trying to pave our education and career path, we should be turning to social media to help us, not hinder us.

By taking advantage of the power social media holds to aid us in building what we seek to achieve, the detrimental, controlling position it has can be countered. Here are some tips to keep social media on your side and beneficial to your own growth.

Build Your Presence: Specifically, build it differently. Instead of focusing on how you want to present yourself to friends, think of what you want to present to any future employer that may search you online and take a look at your social media profile. This is a very good place to start.

Network: This is the obvious highlight of social media when it comes to job searching and is something that becomes more efficient after you’ve built yourself a presence more geared towards your career. Make connections, build groups, start conversations. These are a lot more valuable than follower counts and number of likes.

Be Honest: To follow up, be honest with yourself and others in your social media presence and networks. I’ve been told so many times that more good will come out of being transparent and human than in faking your way through it.

Set Goals: When you set goals for yourself and make them public, you’re letting everyone see. Because of that, you’re more likely to hold yourself accountable for them. Additionally, you’ll be able to track your progress, reflect, and benefit from feedback coming from those following you on your journey.

Engage Actively and Respectfully: It is easier to passively like and share what comes across your feed, but try to reflect on what you see on a deeper level. Question and comment in a way that moves the conversation forward and initiates positive change.

Social media platforms are what you make them. For many people, it may not appear to serve a greater purpose than chatting and posting photos of your last meal, but utilized well, it can prove to be quite different than what it currently is – and for the better.

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One response to “Social Media for the Better”

  1. Nenharmen says:

    Social média? A terrible weapon when put in the wrong hands.
    As you said, if you know how to use them they could be efficient.

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