Wake up before the semester starts!

It is the time! We are either coming or returning to the McGill campus, and I hope everyone has enjoyed a great summer no matter you were studying, travelling, working, volunteering, or just snoozing with some chill drinks at the backyard. However, I would like to remind you something before we sit in the lecture room.

First of all, don’t forget to confirm your schedule for the new semester, including what classes you must take and where they take place. Your advisor (whom you can find in Minerva under Student Records-Unofficial Transcript) is the best person to ask if you are confused. Make an appointment ASAP since they are pretty busy at the beginning of the semester, and you don’t want to miss the Add/Drop deadline, which is usually around two weeks after the beginning of class.

For those who have honours project and research courses during the academic year, make sure that you have confirmed your spot with your supervisor before the semester starts. Most of the time it would not be a problem, but everything could happen. Double check does not hurt, and it is also the good time to start reading some background literature.

Besides school tasks, we have numerous societies/clubs around the campus, and if you would like to get involved, don’t miss the Activities Night, hosted by your SSMU. They also have mini-courses ranging from Origami to Programming. These are perfect occasions to meet new friends with the same hobbies!

If you are ambitious for getting an internship or a job for the next year, start preparing from now. You have departmental services for job/intern hunting (such as in Engineering and Arts) and our dear CaPS. MyFuture was a great help when I searched for opportunities during my undergrad life, so I highly recommend you to have a look.

One more thing for international students: please pay great attention to your immigration papers. Check your Study Permit/CAQ/Student Visa to ensure that they are valid during the academic year. If you need to renew any of them but having problems filing your application, you can find help at International Student Services.

I feel so happy seeing Frosh teams going around the campus with T-shirts of all colours and styles. The campus is filled with joy and laughter, and we should all wake up and have fun before the winter comes.

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