Avoiding The Mid-Semester Slump


Add-drop has come to an end, and papers and readings are beginning to pile up. You even might have had your first quiz this past week! As the school is going full steam ahead, you may be noticing that the initial motivation you had just two weeks ago is fading away. If you’re feeling like you are losing momentum, here are few tips to help you regain your focus and power through your work:

  • Change your surroundings.

Even though you might like consistency in your study locations, sometimes changing your study scenery could help your productivity. From what I’ve noticed, at one point, studying in the same place for too long makes me associate that place with being bored and getting sleepy. Changing your study location every once in a while will allow you to refresh your feelings related to studying as a whole, and can help you being to see the fun in studying.

  • Prioritize your work.

More often than not, students start falling into the mid-semester slump trying to multitask and staying on top of deadlines. To avoid a burn-out, try prioritizing your tasks by taking out one deadline and assignment at a time so you can really focus on each one and get them done to the best of your ability. You can have to-do lists for the day and the week, but the secret is to plan in small chunks and keep the workload realistic.

  • Find some new music to listen to.

It is a scientific fact that to increase your productivity, you have to find the sweet spot between being overly aroused and not aroused enough. Just as studying in the same place too often is bad for your productivity, so is sticking to the same playlist for a long time. Try finding new music to listen to and create a new playlist to introduce a change to your studying routine.

  • Reward yourself for getting things done.

It’s important to reward yourself after you finish each task for a little extra motivation. It could be anything from having a treat yourself night to seeing a movie with friends – the important thing is that it gives you something to look forward to when you complete a task before starting on a new one. As long as you are exercising self-control and not giving in to the reward before you actually complete the task, you will be motivated to finish that assignment on hand.

  • Get out into nature.

Getting out into nature is one of the best way to meditate. We are very lucky that Montreal has some amazing greenery – you can try one of the many amazing parks or even climb up the Mount Royal stairs one day. The important thing is that you go out and enjoy the breeze a little to give yourself a break from the glaring library lighting or your stuffy room. The more stressed and anxious you get, the more you forget to breathe properly, so going out into the nature will help you control your breathing, become aware of your surroundings, and let you feel much calmer.



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