What Stuck With Me This Month

  1.  “No information is useless information.” – Alex Trebek, on a recent episode of Jeopardy

People tend to say “the more you know” with a sarcastic intonation. 

But EVERYTHING YOU LEARN can be pertinent, as long as you know how to apply it.

You also never know what might come up in a conversation, and contributing to discourse is always a plus, not to mention so satisfying.

So next time you find yourself learning about something that has absolutely nothing to do with any of your current classes or your intended career path…

  1. “Those scholarly articles in academic journals are probably read by like seven people in total including the author’s parents.” – My SKILLS21 workshop facilitator 

Let me tell you, I had quite the laugh. AKA don’t freak out when you’re having trouble understanding those peer-reviewed sources — that’s what your TA/prof/the internet is there for! 😁

  1. “Uhhhh….. worth it!” – My squash coach, as she was explaining the benefits of performing a certain shot

Right away, I thought wow, this isn’t the first difficult thing I encounter that happens to be “uhhhhh….. worth it!” 

Which is only funny because the following day in lecture, I heard:

  1. “Everything good in life that’s worth doing is difficult.” – My professor, as he was describing his path that enabled him to do what he loves on a daily basis (teaching us, and further exploring his field of study)

I don’t think there’s any explaining to do here because of the simplicity of this idea.

My only comment would be that it is obviously easier said than done.

After all, as Tom Hanks’ character says in A League of Their Own, “If it were easy, everyone would do it.”

  1. (Lastly, and on another note:) “Overtime, have we changed at all?” – My mom’s friend, regarding what seems to be the expression and repression of an inherently racist undertone that seem to never completely disappear in this world.

My first instinct was to remind myself that fifty years ago, no one would had ever believed that an African American man would be elected president.

But in light of the tragic events of Squirrel Hill, this question really resonated with me. What do you think, has there been progress? Or have we, as human beings, not changed at all?


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