To Do Before the Dreadful 7th of January

And head into the new year with this commercial in mind. Like seriously, was it made especially for students like us who have “no time for anything” yet spend hours mindlessly scrolling on our phones?

  • Subscribe to a new podcast.

Get hooked! Find one you’ll want listen to on your way to class or on your way home from that long day. You’d be surprised how relaxing it could be and how it could give you the ability to say “Hey, I really didn’t know that!” on a weekly basis.

My personal favorite: Past Present

(Anyone looking for a very simple yet in depth understanding of current events will love listening to Nicole, Natalia, and Neil bring historical insights into today’s debates.)

  • Subscribe to a new youtube channel.

There are TONS of college vloggers out there, and again, you’d be surprised how comforting it can be to go through these (at times, tough) four years with someone who doesn’t personally know who you are. What I’m trying to say is that watching someone grow through their videos can help you more than you think it can. Whether it be general life advice, or stupidly watching someone go through their day and work on their assignment, these channels provide a means for you to learn, laugh, and get inspired.

My personal favorite: Arlin Moore


Probably less than half of us do the recommended habitual backups. PLEASE do not ring in the Winter 2019 semester without having carried out a single backup this winter break. Not everything is replaceable. But more importantly, you simply never know. In other words, and I hate to break it to you, but viruses, power outages, failed software updates, accidental deletions of files, general computer breakdowns, and even disasters like floods, do happen, and as we all know, they tend to happen only when we need to pull up that important document to complete tomorrow’s assignment.

  • If you haven’t already, take 5 minute to think about your summer plans.

Just a warning here, because May is literally around the corner. (And if you don’t believe me I’d love for us to talk when all of a sudden finals season is less than two weeks away.)

  • Get your priorities straight… and choose only ONE for the upcoming semester.

In college especially, with involvement opportunities coming at us like raindrops on a rainy day, it’s easy to forget the prerequisite for accomplishing anything that one cannot dance at all the parties. Having big eyes and a ton of ambition to complete that ten-paged to-do list is great, but it’s important to keep in mind that everything takes time. In other words, from all of your new year’s objectives, how about picking one, and making it your priority this semester to the extent that nearly everything revolves around that single goal.


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