I Bet Half of You Haven’t Heard of…

They’ll match you up with a student who has mastered the course you’re currently in. Think you’re acing the class and the idea of someone helping you for $18 is silly? Think again. The mere act of sitting down to discuss and review even the material that you feel comfortable with is exactly what you’ll thank yourself for when you get to your final exam.

*Newly admitted undergraduate students have their first session free.

They’ll pair you up with one of their “active listeners” (lol I know, but let me finish) — you’ll meet at a local café where you can talk about whatever you like. For free. Although I don’t know if everyone needs “counseling” per se, I do know that an occasional objective opinion can NEVER hurt.

You will get P-A-I-D to interact with people slash pretend to listen to these researchers. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

The EASIEST way to be productive is to get a study partner, I repeat, a study partner, that is, not a “study session” with your BFFS. CLICK. THAT. LINK. Motivation is literally at your fingertips. By filling out this form, you will get paired with a random student who has that same goal of reducing procrastination levels.⚕

*Although this program is run by the Office for Students with Disabilities, all students are eligible to apply.

Not only does listening to classical music elevate your mood, it may also help you focus on your school work. So next time you plop yourself down in McLennan, give this Montreal station a shot. There’s a good chance you’ll improve your French while you’re at it.


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