Bucket List

Increase your Worldliness, Save Money, and Check in with Yourself

  • Attend an advance movie screening. Back in December, I sat in on the Montreal premier of On the Basis of Sex. I got my tickets through the History Students’ Association of McGill, but if you keep an eye on this page, it won’t be long before you’ll have experienced viewing a film before its Canadian release date.
  • Send a message/suggestion/opinion/remark to the Mayor of Montreal. Whether this has only been your city for one year or twenty-one years, you can’t not have ANYTHING to say to her. Back in November, I proposed an idea pertaining to our public transport system, and I received a response within a month’s time. Express yourself!

  • Have your computer secured with a “STOP Security Plate” by Campus Public Safety. As a college student, and as that document points out, “your laptop is your life” and this anti-theft plate and “tattoo” can save you a lot of time in addition to a lot of money. Well worth it!
  • In this never ending midterm season that has literally been going on since the third week of the semester, I must confess: I get THRILLED when ANYTHING gets cancelled. If you too have been witnessing other red flags that might signify that it is time to slow down, take the Self-Compassion Test and then try your best to make the necessary adjustments.


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