Why I ❤️ McGill

Below you’ll find the two simple reasons that seriously make my experience here 1000 times more enjoyable. These two student matching programs have not only made making friends 1000 times easier since I began my studies here last year, but they have taught me that no matter how different from each other we may seem to be (ethnically/politically/personality wise), we are all students in the exact same situation.

This program matches you with an incoming international student, and it is then your responsibility to help them with their transition to their new life in Montreal. In just one year of volunteering with the program, I’ve met, and even become close friends with kids from Peru, the Philippines, Australia (Adelaide and Melbourne), China, France, South Korea, and Pakistan. Oh, and did I forget to say Kentucky? The program also hosts events throughout the school year, all of which are just as fun as your individual buddy meetups.

This program has a similar concept, except it matches you with new undergraduate Canadian students in order for you to answer their questions or concerns about McGill’s academic and social life. I personally experienced having a Student Life Ambassador guide me during my first semester. She was so helpful that I genuinely felt as though I NEEDED to volunteer for the following year’s incoming students — and I’m so glad I did. Just like the International Buddy Program, wonderful friendships have emerged from my participation in it.

In my opinion, not volunteering for both of these programs is literally the definition of not taking advantage of not only the size of this school, but also the quality of its diverse group of people who make this campus the welcoming place it is.


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