Adieu School Year 2018-2019 and Summer is Coming


I felt really bad for stopping posting for a while since the life has become really crazy involving all the courses and research you need to do as a second-year PhD student. It’s also a fruitful year that I got a project finished and started working on the second one intensively. I’m glad that so far my School Year 2018-2019 has gone well.

Just now I was at OAP on a chilly night enjoying food and beer and felt the vibe. I was also concerned that there were more plastic cups on the grass than the people inside. A School Year goes fast and we sometimes forget to realize the fact that we are adults and need to make our own decisions and to take more responsibilities, no matter where we are heading (grad school or job market). It’s the time to plan our future from this moment (after we threw all the notes from the finals in the recycle bin). Honestly, I don’t remember 90% of the stuff I learned during my undergraduate, but what I learned is the way of thinking and how to organize my life as an individual. Goodbye finals, but try not to lie down and do nothing in such a wonderful summer.

During this School Year, I saw lots of sad news from explosion of chemical factories in China and Notre-Dame de Paris on fire. It’s also cheerful to see Israeli scientists making miniature ‘human heart’ using 3-D printing. After taking good care of ourselves (aka study hard, play hard afterwards), it is worth contemplating during our summer holiday: what can we make a difference? As I was reading all those news articles or scientific literature, I felt the thrust to think of new methods of synthesizing molecules with minimal waste (as a chemist). I even felt that this is really urgent as I recently saw upsetting clips of documentary series such as Our Planet from my personal idol, Sir David Attenborough, and his co-workers.

Besides all those serious matters, Montreal has a lot of activities during the summer and it’s such a perfect time to go out. Enjoy Food Truck Fest at Olympic Stadium, drink Pina Colada on a terrace, go to Jazz Festival or Just For Laugh, watch Canadian Grand Prix in Parc Jean-Drapeau, etc. The horrendously long winter is (almost) gone, but as Game of Thrones says, Winter Is Coming and Will Be Here. Let’s embrace the incoming summer when the good season is here!

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