Recent Volunteer Experience

During the month of May, I immersed myself into the world of three very different, but equally pertinent concepts: physical education, animal welfare, and energy conservation.

The 2019 PHE National Conference

As a volunteer at Physical and Health Education Canada’s event held right here at the Currie Gym, I mainly helped with the registration of attendees. Meaning, I got to see many faces, and finally got to experience what career and academic advisors have been telling me for the past two years — that career paths are certainly based on your grades, on your interests, and on how well you respond to that “tell me about yourself” interview question, but nowhere near as much as they are based on your personality.

In other words, and interestingly enough, I so share this organization’s vision of having “all children and youth in Canada live healthy, physically active lives,” but it took less than a day of handing out lanyards and exploring various workshops to feel that I just certainly do not belong in that crowd/field. I really loved helping out, but the people present at #PHEMontreal2019 were mainly P.E. teachers, and well, not that I thought I would ever become one, but that idea is now very confirmed.

The Montreal SPCA

As a volunteer at the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, after completing numerous training sessions, I mainly help clean and set up cages for incoming animals. Meaning, I get to witness how clean they are in comparison to the human population. I don’t get to do a lot of talking, 🙁 yet I manage to feel right at home there. This is all to say that I have officially discovered that putting forward just a couple of hours each week (regardless of the organization) can literally help you with your potential life plans. I can now plan and aim for eventually attaining a career that involves helping others, because I now know that that is what will bring me the most joy.

IAEE 2019

As a volunteer at the 42nd Annual Conference of the International Association for Energy Economics, I mainly welcomed the gala attendees at the Old Port, and helped presenters set up their PowerPoints in classrooms at HEC Montréal. Again, immersing yourself for several days in a field that you’ve barely heard of is a real eye-opener, and it’s the EASIEST way to narrow down your career prospects! 

So, discover yourself by getting involved in your community. Personally, this past month, I’ve learned more about my interests and passions, who I am, and where I see myself in 5 years, than I did about staying active, cats, and energy. If you’re in Montreal for the summer, I’d recommend this search engine to find opportunities that could work for you. Otherwise, please keep it in mind for September. (Or whenever, it’s never too late to volunteer!)


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