Keeping Cool in the Heat… And During the Job Search

Moving on to the next step in your career can be exciting but also painfully long, requiring continuous work, patience, and persistence. In spite of this knowledge, accompanied by a previous job search that took months, I’ve still found myself looking for ways to keep my cool during a job search during the summer vacation season.

There are common ups and downs across the year with respect to hiring. Academic positions are consistently posted around the same times of year, and while industry positions aren’t usually restricted to such a tight schedule, there are still trends to be expected. For example, companies are more likely to hire with a new budget during their first quarter than a dwindling budget in their fourth quarter. In addition to the obvious national holidays, summer vacation season is another time that the job search process can be slow-moving.

I’m all about enjoying our time to recharge, so my question has been…

How do I keep myself feeling cool and collected during my job search, and through a heat wave or two?

So far, the answers have revolved around taking advantage of my free time to:

  • Relax

While waiting to hear back about applications and interviews, I’ve enjoyed some time outside, swimming in pools and lakes, and playing in some of Montreal’s parks with water with my family. Relaxing and reflecting has also given me time to contemplate my career path and envision the steps I need to take next.

  • Catch up on projects that got shifted during dissertation writing

This list includes writing academic manuscripts, blog posts, non-academic research reviews, and personal projects. I’ve also caught up on some recreational reading, cleaning, and working out.

  • Say yes to coffee and new collaborations

You have a friend you can introduce me to? Yes. You’re looking for someone to collaborate with in creating and delivering a professional development panel? Yes. If I have the time to commit, getting involved with growing ideas/projects with previous friends and new acquaintances has helped me keep my mind occupied and still feel productive, which can be a challenge when job hunting.

These are just a few things that have helped me balance my full-time schedule of searching for my next position. If you’re in the same shoes, good luck!

– Rebecca Maymon


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