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 The semester is starting to get serious–October is almost here. Midterms are lurking around the corner. The inevitable summer or post-grad job hunt is looming. It’s important to remember ways to decompress, tackle your studies, and work on that job hunt.

Relaxing at school can be hard , but you can hang out with your friends, take a walk around your neighborhood, or tune into your favorite show. Ways to unwind are different for everyone so make sure you’re doing what works for you.

As for studying, Montreal is full of great spots like cafes and libraries. There’s Tommy in Old Port, Cafe Leaves (with a new location) on McGill College, Darling on St. Laurent, or Nocturne (which has the best latte in my opinion). I’ve heard great things about Crew Collective and Cafe Aunja too. There’s also BAnQ Grande Bibliothèque and Mordecai-Richler Library if you’re looking for free options. And, of course, there’s always McGill spots like the Ferrier computer lab, Birks, or Islamic studies.

As for the daunting job hunt, it’s great to maximize your LinkedIn. You can see companies, job postings, and connect with people who work there–all of which let you see the culture of where you could be working. During this time of year, I also always try to update my resume and keep an eye out for jobs and career events on the CaPS myFuture page. 

Best of luck with this school year!

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