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Hey friends! As the semester is underway and midterms are coming up, there are so many questions about academics, events, on-campus resources, and everyday living that we are faced with! From my experience, it can be pretty stressful when I needed some advice about course selection just days before add-drop, or when my hungry self doesn’t have the time to ask around for where the samosas sales are on campus! From my first year at McGill, there were questions that I wanted answers to but didn’t always know where the get the answer from. Since McGill is a large school, I always wanted some way of connecting with the greater student body, and the best way to do so is through Reddit! For those who don’t already know, it’s an online forum under the McGill sub-reddit that allows users to anonymously connect with one another, post, comment, and ask questions: from one student to another! I’ve always found it so invaluable to have a perspective that wasn’t limited to counsellors, parents, and even my personal friend group; and Reddit does just that! Here are some of the features that I found super useful (not to mention entertaining at times!)

Ask a question, no seriously, any question!

Where are the best on-campus places to study? Anyone have any tips for ‘x’ course? When do exams start? Does anyone want to see the new movie this weekend? Seriously, any question! Someone in the McGill community almost always has an answer to any questions you have: from sharing their experiences, giving advice, or even being someone you can message (talk about making new friends)! As a Redditor, you can also comment to help others as well!

Special Events and Mega-threads!

More often than not, there will always been a discussion thread on current/special events on campus, from the Climate Change Strike to the new SSMU Student Wellness Hub! Mega-threads are threads that link together many threads on the same topic, all the better for more perspective!

Common threads in the past (and present) have included ‘bird-course selection’, AMA (‘Ask me Anything)’ session with the Dean of Students Professor Buddle, SSMU election campaigns, and discussions on academic issues, student life, mental health, and job advice!

Real Talk Friday

Had a rough day? Real Talk Friday is the ultimate venting thread where you can talk about your misery (or success!) in a non-judgemental and inclusive setting on Fridays! After all, we’re all here to support each other! The only catch is that you must type in all CAPS! My personal favorite without a doubt!

How do I get involved?

Sign up for a Reddit account today and subscribe to the McGill Sub-reddit! Happy surfing!

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