The Best Things I Did During My Graduate Studies

This will be my last blog post for CaPS (at least for now :), so I thought I would leave with a short list of the best things I did while completing my master’s and doctoral degrees at McGill.

  • Practice talking about what I do and who I am with non-academics. This was essential during my job search and continues to be as I develop my career path and grow my network (both academic and non-academic).
  • Learn French. Coming from outside of Canada I did not know any French when starting my graduate studies, but after a few courses and years of weekend conversations>> je suis compétente! I likely would not have my current job if I didn’t speak French and being able to respond to the surprise question in French has always been a positive note during interviews.
  • Read. Outside of my research. Re-orienting my brain with different perspectives helps me think better, professionally and otherwise.
  • Travel. Again, broadening my perspective has allowed me to think more critically and problem solve in more diverse situations.
  • Build an online presence. This is essential to networking and, as in any other way we present ourself to others, requires attention to detail. Keeping my LinkedIn updated and maximized with respect to skills and qualifications has made new connections easier in that providing more information helps others see my assets without having to spend time on guessing at or translating my skills. I’ve also recently learned how to use Adobe Spark to make a simple e-portfolio to share my instructional design experience with potential clients and employers.

A true list of beneficial experiences throughout two graduate degrees at McGill would be exhaustive, these are just a few of my favorites that will hopefully inspire something new for someone else. I’d like to thank McGill CaPS for the wonderful opportunity to share my thoughts and experiences in career planning and development. Best of luck bloggers and readers!

-Rebecca Maymon


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