My Fave GPA Boosters ~Totally Subjective ~

My favorite GPA boosters down below, you’re welcome! Disclaimer: This post is mainly directed towards Arts students as I feel like I can’t provide proper advice for students outside the faculty but if you stumble upon this post there’s some interfaculty pointers as well that I feel everyone can profit from so don’t leave just yet.

1.Office Hours

I cannot overstate how beneficial these are!! Office hours give you an opportunity to get some one on one time with your professor, get a more thorough understanding of the material or get recommendations for sources or paper ideas. Also, chances are your professor will begin to recognize your enthusiastic face and you might even score extra participation points (yay) or build a relationship with prof (can be a mentor or later reference!). Even if you feel like you have a good handle on things in terms of lecture content or assignments, going over things with someone much more knowledgeable than you can often be super beneficial, especially when it comes to papers. Don’t let your ego stop you from channeling that 4.0 energy!

2. Attendance

I know 🙁 This one is a huge bummer. Especially if you’re unlucky like me and have to endure 8:30’s on Monday mornings. But trust me, going to class really pays off like nothing else. Once I started pushing myself to go to class, I saw my grades going up. Not only do you understand the content better (just doing the readings won’t hit the same way I’m sorry), but you also have less on your plate come midterms or finals because you know your stuff inside n out 🙂 Also it gives me bonus confidence because I know I’m way ahead of my other classmates who’ve been skipping all semester, although I have to live with the fact that they get way more sleep than me – a burden I am learning to live with.

3. Ask Questions – Especially About the Grades You Receive

Let me be clear, I’m not advocating for anyone to badger their professors or TA’s about the grades they receive or demand better grades whatsoever. All I’m saying is that I feel like everyone has been in the situation where they feel like they deserved a better grade or worked their butt off without seeing the results. Go see whoever graded your paper or your professor! Best case: you get a new grade; Worst case: you get awesome feedback and ace your next assignment. Win-win.

4. Writing Center

McGill has a writing center!! And they’re super helpful!! They offer courses and workshops and you can make appointments for one-on-one sessions! Go to some of these and you will wow your professors and TA’s with your essay proficiency.

5. A Schedule You Like

This is obviously not a universal one, since sometimes you don’t have the same flexibility when it comes to the classes you choose. But when you’re lucky enough to be able to play around with your schedule a bit, choose your classes in a way that will maximize your time. For example, if you know when the sun starts going down all you can think about is Netflix and food (cough cough me) maybe 5:30 classes aren’t for you. Or maybe picking a schedule that forces you to stay on campus for the day and helps you resist the urge to run home and nap is the best way to motivate yourself. Either way, you know yourself best!

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