Best On-Campus Food

Struggling to find good eats in between classes? Need a boost of energy to sustain you as you dedicate the bulk of your day to McClennan? Look no further, here’s a small list of the best food spots on campus to help you stay full and happy:

Soupe Café – Burnside Basement

Have you ever been to Burnside basement? Sure it’s devoid of natural light and air circulation but it has cozy couches and that vague soup and bread smell that’s bound to remind you of chez grandma. Soupe Café is the place for everyone: there’s tons of vegetarian and healthy options, as well as great baked goods, hot beverages, excellent grilled cheeses and soup, of course. Check it out next time – the building is super accessible and has tunnels that link to MAASS, Adams, McConnell and more!

Dispatch Coffee

I know, I know. Everyone definitely knows about this overpriced hipster paradise. But I’m not here to plug their (in)famous coffee or toast; however, I am here to rave about their falafel wraps. These wraps are to die for: they’re the perfect combination of healthy and Boustan and will hold you over quite between classes. Hurry though – they start being displayed around 12/1pm and sell out way too quickly L

Education Café

If you’re wondering who would be crazy enough to tackle McTavish hill for a bite to eat, the answer is no one in their right mind. But hey, maybe you’re in class nearby in Stewart, live up the hill or a student athlete. They offer TONS of fresh sandwiches and small dishes (like lasagna) as well as baked goods and an array of coffee. Plus, the almond/soy milk is free! Either way, the treck may be worth it since the food is amazing and the vibe is easy going.

Booster Juice in McConnell Engineering

What more do I have to say. Come get y’all juice.

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