Balancing the Job Hunt with Final Exams

For those of you on the search for a job, or even an internship, this post may be particularly applicable. It can be difficult to balance these professional aspirations with school work during the course of the academic year; let alone during the final exam period. If an opportunity appears, even if it is during finals, it is often to your benefit to take it. Assuming you can make the time and balance your academic responsibilities, then it is always a good idea to do so. After all, the interview or chat may not always be on offer.

If you are not in conversation with anyone at this particular time, though, then it might be ideal to hold off on starting those chats or applying to those jobs until after your finals have concluded. This will decrease your stress levels and allow you time to adequately prepare both your applications and for your exams. You can prepare your professional items after your exams, but you can only prepare for your finals now.

After you’ve survived finals season you can start applying to jobs, reaching out to recruiters, and working on your resume. These are all vital to the job hunt success. If you start preparing over break, you can ring in the new year with everything ready to go. Your resume and applications will also be ready for when people start to come back to their respective offices from the holiday break; instead of right before a long period of absence.

Remember, the job hunt can be a long process, so it might be a good idea to start early. You will also be continually learning, so don’t feel discouraged. Even if something does not go your way, you’ll walk away better from the experience and ready to take on the next challenge.

Good luck!

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