Social Media and the Job Search

Hi everyone,

 I hope everyone is enjoying winter break. I wanted to take this time to write a little bit about social media use. While the various apps can be quite the time sink, they can also offer valuable insights into the work world, depending on the app. There are some dangers, though, which includes the risk of users posting or otherwise engaging with inappropriate content and wasting too much time on the apps.

Tools such as LinkedIn are invaluable both in keeping up with (or expanding) your network but also in learning about what is new in your field. It can be well worth the time to join the social network and create a more complete profile with information such as your photo, name, field, etc. If you intend to start a business, social media presence can be invaluable in winning over customers. Many modern businesses list information on Google, their website, Yelp, Facebook, and Instagram. This can increase the public’s awareness of what you’re working on. There is also a notion that you should use the tools available to you, especially as these apps gain traction.

There are some downsides to social media use though. Some of these include the potential to waste time, the risk of experiencing ‘FOMO’ (the fear of missing out) in relation to social relationships, and the possibility of posting unsavory content, which may not be agreeable to hiring managers who could do a quick Google search. It may be advisable to avoid engaging in or otherwise posting such actions on social media and changing your account’s privacy settings.

While social media is by its nature very public, how an individual uses it is very personal. I encourage you to use your own judgement to ascertain whether it is right for you. Some people choose to be heavy users of social media while others are more private or opt out of it. This is a personal choice, but hopefully, these points will help you to weigh the pros and cons.

Have a good New Year!

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