Best Campus Study Spots

The general mood of January seems to be busy and cramped: the airports, the gym, classes during Add/Drop that force you into a level of punctuality you didn’t think possible with the ubiquitous threat of sitting on the staircase floor in the lecture hall. My point is this: finding a calm, quiet atmosphere to destress, despite our January skepticism, is not impossible on campus. In fact, these are the best spots to study, read, relax or even (discreetly) eat on campus, not only in January, but year-round.

Morrice Hall

This may be my favorite building on campus period. Not only is the common room always vibrant, sports comfortable couches, bright décor and friendly faces, but the library is spectacular in and of itself. The library offers a terrific view of the building’s stained-glass windows, is always quiet, clean and relatively warm – a huge perk in these cold Montreal winters. The library recently added a few couches in a nook under the staircase on the lower level, which are exceedingly comfy and even more so coveted – so try and steal them while you can.

Birks Building

The Birks Building is (in my opinion) the campus’ hidden gem. Home of McGill’s School of Religious Studies, the small departmental building goes often unnoticed. It’s location on University make it easily accessible and its old-fashioned, beautiful reading room and full chapel transform the small building into the perfect escape.

Trottier Building

This engineering building makes me really feel the weight of my arts degree: think tech, LED lights, futuristic. Trottier has tons of floors and thus space to make your own; it feels super private and modern, which I find is a nice change from the darker, relatively older buildings on campus.

Gerber Law Library

Although this one is a bit inaccessible (it’s located on Peel next to Stewart Bio), I had to include it because it’s such a nice space. Being in there makes me feel physically smarter. Although, it does tend to fill rather quickly, so make sure you arrive earlier on in the day to guarantee a spot.

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