Deciding How Many Classes to Take


 The decision of how many classes to take is a personal one. After all, you know you best. How many courses you take depends on a myriad of factors: your other commitments, how many electives you intend to take, how difficult your classes will be this semester, and your immigration status.

If you work or have other personal commitments, you may want to take a reduced course load if possible so that you can be successful in all of your obligations.  Electives are meant to allow you to take courses outside of your discipline that interest you. You can even opt to take these courses under the S/U option.

If you know that you need to take some particularly difficult classes this semester then trying to balance those with some less intensive electives might be a good idea. Alternatively, you could consider taking a reduced course load. Four classes is still considered full-time at McGill and opting for four instead of five classes can make all the difference depending on your other obligations and individual ability. If you are  Canadian, you could take an even lighter course load in order to work more.

These are all individual choices though. They depend on the person, their needs, and their desires. Good luck to you all as you weigh your options!

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