The Apartment Hunt

Looking for an apartment can be stressful. Many other students are also doing so, and this can lead to a shuffle in and out of apartments. Oftentimes, there can also be a pressure to sign for fear of losing a potential apartment. However, when looking for a new home, there are several important factors to take into account, such as: when you want the lease to start, if you want it furnished or unfurnished, what location you want to live in, and whether you want to live with roommates or not.

Leases can start at a variety of times. Some start May 1, some July 1, and others in September. When looking for a place, it is important to consider whether you or your roommates intend to stay for the summer, when your previous lease ends, and if you’re comfortable subletting. If you sign a lease that has a gap between when your old lease ends and your new lease begins, you may have some difficulty in finding a place to store your belongings in the interim.

Another consideration is whether you want to look at furnished or unfurnished properties. While furnished properties are convenient in that you don’t need to lug heavy furniture in (and eventually out), they don’t offer the ability to customize the home as much, or to find furniture cheaply, at for example, IKEA or on Free and for Sale.

A third factor that is extremely important is location. Do you want to live in a certain neighborhood? Do you want to live near McGill or leave the Bubble? Location is also tied to cost. Depending on where you choose to live, rent price will vary as will transportation costs and accessibility. A lack of accessibly transportation can make it exceedingly difficult to get to campus or elsewhere. Traveling to and from campus also takes up time. It is also important to consider whether amenities such as a pharmacy, a grocery store, and a gym are close by. Otherwise, it may be difficult to purchase necessities of daily life such as food and toiletries.

Whether you want to live with roommates or alone is a personal choice. Some people prefer to have their own space, which they can customize exactly to their liking. Others want more social interaction and choose to live with roommates. Living with roommates also often lowers the cost of housing due to the sharing of communal spaces and items.

As you can see, there are several factors to take into account when looking for a new home. While it may be stressful, it is also an exciting time! You get to explore different living arrangements and find one that is right for you. Happy apartment hunting!



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