Arts Local Wellness Advisor – a Conversation with Bianca Brunetti

Local Wellness Advisors (LWAs) are an important campus resource. Introduced last year, LWAs aim to support students by connecting them to the resources they’re looking for. They work to understand a student’s unique situation and then recommend health and wellness support on campus and outside of it. 

Before becoming the Faculty of Arts Wellness Advisor, Bianca Brunetti majored in psychology at McGill University with minors in sociology and behavioral neuroscience and afterwards went to University of Ottawa for a masters in counseling. All LWAs are mental health professionals and are suited for the areas they support within. Prior to working at McGill, Bianca was a guidance counselor and has always liked working with students.

LWAs work to connect students with the right resource at the right time. Students can come and see them to be proactive about their mental health or to figure out what resource they should be accessing. The service is also great for a check-in to see how the year is going. Wellness advisors point students where they need to go and can help them narrow down what they’re looking for. All this can be covered during a one-on-one session. They offer goal-oriented mental health support and can see any student more than once. They don’t do drop-in appointments, so students should make appointments online ( or go to the Hub if they’re looking for same day care.

An average day usually involves one-on-one meetings with students as well as outreach projects. University students commonly feel lonely and isolated so providing support with workshops and events is important for LWAs. Most Fridays, Bianca hosts drop in events in the arts building. As for the role, traits like empathy and being well-organized are good for the job. For Bianca, she loves meeting new students, working in an education setting, and supporting people through school.



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