The Coronavirus pandemic seems to have hit Montreal. With classes canceled today, students are left to wonder what the future holds for the semester. Things seem to have escalated quickly with 17 confirmed cases as of now. Then this morning classes were suspended for two weeks. At this time, I do not believe there has been any announcement as to how the semester will proceed. It is probably still a good idea to keep up with classwork at home and regularly check your email to stay informed. Reddit’s McGill page has a Coronavirus mega thread that is being updated as information becomes available.

The current advice is to wash hands regularly, keep your distance from people, and if you’re sick to self-isolate. While serious illness is low in the young, it is important to take these precautions seriously to avoid spreading Coronavirus to others, particularly those with suppressed immune systems or older people.

The escalation in cases has led to some people hording supplies and bulk buying. The grocery stores have been quite busy with some carts being filled with toilet paper. This panic buying can create difficulties for others who are unable to then get enough of some items. From what I have heard, there is no issue in the supply chain. It may be advisable to try to buy what you need so there is enough for everyone.

I want to encourage everyone to stay safe, healthy, and calm. Remember to follow public health guidelines and keep being the awesome student you are. Whether this is your first semester or your last, it will certainly be a memorable one. I hope everyone has a good rest of the semester.

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