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CaPS would like to thank our amazing summer blogger Rebecca Maymon, and welcome our new bloggers for the 2019-2020 academic year.

Check out their bios below, as well as all our former bloggers whose writings are still available to read!


2019-2020 Bloggers 

Tommy Chen

Hey friends! My name is Tommy Chen and I’m currently a third year student at McGill majoring in Political Science, intending on pursuing law school after graduation. I’m originally from Taiwan, immigrating to Vancouver when I was three, and I’ve called the West Coast home ever since! Contrary to my mindset during finals season, my last two years at Montreal have been extremely fulfilling, even if it does snow a bit too much…haha! In my spare time, you can catch me watching soccer (favorite sport!), hiking, or reading a book at a café!

During my time at McGill, I’ve had the privilege of volunteering in capacities that have not only broadened my perspective and network, but have opened up many opportunities to exploring new interests and hobbies that I’ve never thought of! In the past, I’ve been involved in assisting the needs of students through SSMU, peer reviewing journals for the McGill International Review, as well as teaching English to socioeconomically underprivileged teens in Budapest, Hungary through AIESEC. Continuing a high school passion, Debate Club has always been a go-to for winding down after a long day!

University is challenging for most, and I’ve certainly had my fair share of endeavours and difficulties so far, but I’ve always found it helpful when others have shared their insight and stories. I hope to focus on writing about setting long-term goals, building relationships, and balancing school and other priorities; and I hope my posts will be useful for your goals!

Feel free to reach me at with comments or questions, even if you just want to talk about your favorite Netflix series


Samar Omidi

Hi! My name is Samar and I’ve just begun my fourth and final year at McGill. I’m completing a Double Major in English Literature and History with a Minor Concentration in Persian Language. My focuses are mainly Early Modern and Romantic literature and American History. My post-McGill goals right now consist of studying for the LSAT and a bit of travelling before hopefully going to law school!

My time at McGill has been simultaneously extremely busy and rewarding. I’ve learned two languages, found the fields and focuses that resounded with me the most and built incredible relationships. I have gotten the opportunity to volunteer my time in student run clubs on campus such as the McGill Students for World Vision, help organize the McGill Open House as well as work as a Research Assistant for two wonderful professors. Over the summers, I work as a server and volunteer at my local immigrant and refugee centre as well as most recently finishing an internship at an immigration law firm. 

When I’m not stu(dying) you can find me taking photos, exploring Montreal, working out, eating Middle Eastern food or having an existential crisis. I love to stay active and am super passionate about literature and film; I like (almost) any film or book I come across. Although moving around quite a bit throughout my life, prior to coming to McGill I was living in the small town of Saskatoon, SK, so I can definitely relate to and sympathize with the struggles of out-of-province students and adjusting to city life. 

I know first-hand how stressful and challenging not only school, but the endless auxiliary pressures that come along with it, can be and I hope that through this blog I can give advice and share tips relating to courses, extracurriculars, volunteer and work experiences, housing, Montreal activities etc.! If anything, I hope that sharing my experiences will allow my fellow McGilligans to understand that we all can share similar experiences/goals/anxieties even when it seems that everyone has it together except for you. I’m really looking forward to this year – don’t hesitate to reach out, leave comments or questions for me!


Anna Wallin

Hello all,

My name is Anna Rosemarie Wallin. My family lives in Austin, Texas, the land of migas tacos and barbecue. I will be graduating in June 2020 with a Geography Urban Systems major and an Environment minor.

Not only have I been incredibly lucky to live in Montreal, but I was also able to visit Indonesia as part of a waste management project with AIESEC. It was a wonderful experience both professionally and personally. I made some amazing friends, and I also got to hike Mount Prau, teach young students waste management techniques, and try wonderful dishes such as mie ayam and bakso. Spending the summer in Java, Indonesia is a highlight of my undergrad.

As a student, I’ve had the opportunity to intern at several different organizations, which have ranged from start-ups to one of the fastest growing companies in the Fortune 5000 to non-profits. It’s been exciting to explore the different career paths available. I know other students will be in a similar boat, trying to explore various professional trajectories, and so this is something I am hoping to delve into whether that be via interviews or sharing my journey with the broader McGill community. The world is full of so many different jobs, but some fields that I am curious about are market research, project management, and GIS.
During my free-time, I enjoy the outdoors, whether that be kayaking, hiking, or playing with my dog. I also make my own ice cream.


Katie Wallin

Hi readers! My name is Katie, and I’m in my final year at McGill studying Economics with minors in Art History and Communication Studies. I’m figuring out what I want to do after graduation, so I’m excited to be blogging for CaPS. I love learning new things and exploring and can’t wait to share all of that with you.

I grew up in Indiana, but now my parents live in Austin, Texas, so most breaks I get to experience that Texas heat. I’ve loved my time at McGill through my experiences volunteering with a variety of peer-centered clubs as well as meeting people from different places. During my summers, I’ve had the privilege to work at a variety of businesses from retail to interning at a major bank to completing a museum internship. One of the great parts of being a student is being able to try different kinds of jobs and see what fits.

Montreal is an awesome city and most weekends you can find me visiting one of its many cafes or, weather permitting, hanging out outside. I’ve loved my years here and am excited to see where I end up next.



Sara Eldabaa

Hello everyone, I am a third-year Psych student minoring in Islamic studies who has yet to choose a career goal of any kind. I’ve had this problem since I was a child, as I’ve always been interested in many careers but never interested enough in any. I’ve wanted to be—in no particular order—a Math teacher, an architect, an athlete, a research psychologist, a cafe owner, a detective, a phlebotomist, a doctor, an author… and those are just the ones I remember. My latest curiosity has been journalism but, just like Montreal weather, that can change at any moment.

Speaking of Montreal, I was born and raised here, and while it is a nice city to grow up in, I don’t want to stay here forever. Like most young adults, I want to “travel the world” and “meet new people”, mainly to satisfy my own curiosity. After all, why not?

“Why not?” has also been the question that led my job searches, although I did have more basic concerns such as scheduling, start date, and the commute. I’ve worked as a team member (yes, that is what they call it) and manager at Tim Hortons, a deli worker, a barista and manager at AUS Snax, and an administrative assistant at a maternity ward. I have learned a variety of things from these positions and I hope at least some of them will be useful (and entertaining) to you!



Former Bloggers

Rebecca Maymon

Hello readers! My name is Rebecca Maymon. I’ve recently finished a PhD in Educational Psychology (Learning Sciences) at McGill, and I hope that sharing my experiences in paving a purposeful career path will help others achieve their career goals.

I enjoy the challenge of solving problems and I owe my ability to find evidence-based solutions to my experience as a researcher over the past ten years. My research background lies in social and educational psychology (e.g., motivation/engagement, stress-reduction and well-being in learning contexts, online learning perseverance), and I also have experience in instructional design (traditional and online). The thing I appreciate most about my professional journey so far is that networking and collaboration have always been key components of my successes.

I have learned valuable research skills and put them to use in strategizing post-graduate career plans. I’m hoping that my career path will find a balance of making the world a better place and living with minimal stress while repaying my student loan debt… stay tuned to find out!

On the weekends, you can find me recharging my batteries in one of Montreal’s countless parks with my family (hello summer!), catching up on some reading, or writing something of my own. Keep an eye out for blog posts on establishing a non-academic career path, negotiating contract positions, academic and industry networking, working with a startup, international student transition experiences, interviews, and writing CVs/resumes/cover letters.

It’s always a pleasure to meet someone new so feel free to connect with me if you’d like to talk!




Sabrina Campanella

Hi! I’m Sabrina. Born and raised in Montreal. Chocolate lover. Lifelong Learner. Super Introvert.

I completed my B.Ed in K/Elementary teaching at McGill in 2017. My lifelong dream was to be a teacher. Immediately after graduation, I landed my first job as an elementary teacher; it was exciting, and terrifying at the same time! Upon completing the year, I knew I had to go back to school. I felt defeated and I felt as though I simply needed to know more to be a better teacher. I started my Masters in Education and Counselling Psychology: Inclusive Education and I will be graduating this coming April! So what’s next? I can’t quite say…but I know that this journey isn’t over yet. I’ve learned a lot about myself since graduation, and I’m still learning each day.

Most recently, I’ve been volunteering as a writer and editor for an online E-Magazine called Zealousness based in Ohio. This volunteering opportunity really launched me out of my comfort zone and taught me that there is so much more out there than I thought I knew and I hope to share what I’ve learned so far with all of you.

I am currently employed as a Resource Teacher in an elementary school. I work primarily with students with special needs. I consult teachers, plan for student success, and put it all into action. In a way, I hope to act as a resource for you by providing you with tips, links, platforms, and anything else that can help you to grow and to learn about the world of work and what it has to offer- and most importantly, what you can offer.


“It’s not what you achieve, it’s what you overcome” (Carlton Fisk)


Tessa Groszman

Hey guys! My name is Tessa and I’m a U2 Arts student majoring in history. My passions include working out and watching movies. Before coming to McGill, I studied in an isolated castle in England. When I am not studying at Starbucks, I can be found at a spin class, at a yoga session, or jogging on the mountain with a friend.

In terms of my academic interests, I love looking at contemporary culture through the lens of history, although I consider the importance of moving your body in addition to challenging your brain to be the ultimate words of wisdom.

Everyone seems to agree that I can be described as having a very particular personality, but I think an important fact about me is that I have a favorite one of everything. Growing up in Montreal, I’ve spent my summers working as a lifeguard, but more recently, exploring the world of retail. When someone I meet questions if I’m used to this cold, I’ll shake my head and start explaining my dream of moving to Southern California.

Career wise, I still haven’t got an exact idea of what I’d like to pursue – I’ve simply been using process of elimination to narrow down my focus each year.

Otherwise, some random details about me are that I keep a diary, I love listening to podcasts while I walk my dogs, and I am very close with my grandmother.

College can be seen as an adventure filled with life lessons and skill-development. During this adventure, I think it is most important to remember that even bad experiences are good experiences. As I will go through my undergrad years trying different activities and meeting different types of people, I’m looking forward to blogging as well as reading the posts by my fellow bloggers, because I believe that listening to people’s insights is a great way to learn (check out Oprah’s Master Class Podcast!).


Yuting Feng 


I’m Yuting from the Department of Chemistry. After getting a Biochem degree from McGill, I wandered in Europe and finished my Master studies before coming back to the beautiful downtown campus for a PhD. From knowing nothing to regarding this city as my home, I have had wonderful experiences both on and off campus in Montreal, as student, volunteer, and employee.

Besides chemistry, as an enthusiast for volunteering and knowing new people, I have been involved in the Montreal community as musician, librarian and translator. Also I was very lucky to have the opportunity to work on campus in different departments, or off campus for some pocket money. Here I’m eager to share my experience in finding volunteering/job opportunities via either networking or writing a wonderful CV/cover letter, some tactics to adapt to new life quickly (for newcomers), and of course travel tips to other destinations on this planet.

Where to find employment, going to grad school or not, moving aboard, or doing gap year?  These are some of the important decisions that we all need to make during our university education, and sometimes there is a stage of feeling painful and exhausted. However, I do hope that the experience I share with you can cheer you up and help you chase you dream.


Adi Sneg

Hello friends!

My name is Adi (pronounced a-Dee) and I just completed my first year at McGill. I am majoring in Sociology with a minor in Gender Studies in the Faculty of Arts. My passions include social justice, painting, watching culinary documentaries, and astrology memes! I love to expand my knowledge and to explore the histories behind present-day realities.

I am from Vancouver, BC and adore all that Montreal has to offer. In the short amount of time that I have experienced this city, I have grown fonder and fonder of its historical vibe and European feel.

In the past, I have had the privilege to volunteer in positions that enriched my life experiences, afforded me invaluable connections, and revealed my interests. I acted as Vice-President of my high school’s Interact Club, volunteered at Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre, and worked at a social justice-geared children’s sleep-away camp. This summer I’m super stoked about interning at the Vancouver Pride Society as a Communications and Social Media Assistant!

I hope to share my experiences as an out-of-province student who struggles with the same university pressures all McGill students are familiar with, but without the comfort of having family nearby. I know that for me, finding friends who share the same values and interests as I did was how I created my home-away-from-home. How to go about volunteering, taking advantage of McGill resources, constructing an attractive and employable social media presence, and maintaining a healthy school-life balance are just a few of the topics that I look forward to sharing with you.

I am an open-book, so don’t hesitate to reach out and ask questions or say hello – Happy learning!


Idil Copur

Hi everyone!

My name is Idil and I just recently graduated from the Faculty of Arts. I majored in Psychology and minored in Communication Studies, and did a lot of writing on the side (I love writing!) I am from Istanbul, Turkey, and I moved to Montreal in 2013 for university. And given my love for French and winter, this move to Montreal was a natural fit for me.

Over the past few years at McGill, I have tried many volunteer activities and internships – I’ve worked for AIESEC, written and edited for Her Campus McGill, and volunteered for a neurological disorders clinic as a clinical research intern. All of these extracurricular activities have helped me shape my career expectations and discover what my likes and dislikes are in a job.

Deciding on which path to take is a big decision and can be a little scary, especially because it feels like stepping into the unknown, but as someone who is trying to figure out her way in life, I hope what I share with you on this platform can show you that “entering the real world” is an exciting time and that as terrifying as it can be, the “unknown” holds many opportunities to look forward to.

I’m excited to see what the future holds for me! I hope you enjoy what I have to share, and best of luck to you all!


Marie Fester

Hiya readers!

My name’s Marie and I just completed my second year (U2) at McGill. I study honours political science and minor in economics in the Faculty of Arts. I grew up in the West Island of Montreal and have enjoyed exploring the downtown area since starting at McGill. Prior to studying at McGill, I attended John Abbott College for two years.

For the past two years, I have competed on McGill’s Model United Nations Delegation Team. After spending the past year as an editor for the McGill International Review Print, an undergraduate international relations journal, I will be taking up the position of Editor-in-Chief for the 2018-2019 school year. Both at and prior to entering McGill I have learned the importance of getting involved and finding a community in order to be a successful student. Outside of school, I enjoy reading, walking my dog, and baking.

While I’ve tried many activities, I have not pinned down a strict career trajectory; I am interested in consulting or academia as of now but am open to anything that comes up along the way which piques my interest. I am looking forward to sharing some of my experiences from the search for a career path to being involved on campus. Hopefully, something I share will help you on your life path.

Wishing you all the best in the upcoming year!


Emily Van De Loo

Hello McGill! 

I’m Emily Van De Loo and I am a recent graduate from the Faculty of Arts. I majored in Psychology with minors in French Language and Literature and Educational Psychology. I am from Albany, NY but Montreal has been an amazing second home for the past three years. During my time at McGill, I have volunteered as a tutor, volunteered in psychology labs, and managed part time jobs. I spent my third year on exchange at Trinity College in the heart of Dublin. 

Over the past few years, the extra curricular opportunities I have had have added invaluable insight beyond what I have learned my psych lectures. My academics have given me a strong foundation to land on, but travel and volunteering among other things have made me question what I really want from my career.

I hope to share with you my path to figuring out what could be next for me in a way that highlights what is exciting instead of terrifying and stressful, like so many of us probably feel! Best wishes to you all, don’t hesitate to reach out.


Morgane Wauquier

Hi everyone!

My name is Morgane and I am a U2 student in my second year at McGill. I am in the Faculty of Arts, majoring in Environment, and have recently decided to pursue a minor in Geography after initially wanting to do a minor in Communications Studies. Following the completion of my Bachelor’s degree, I hope to go on to study environmental assessing, environmental and occupational health, or marine management. I’m not exactly sure which of the three yet – I’m still in the process of discovering what I’m most interested in!

Originally from France and born in Singapore, I grew up in Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, China and Malaysia. During high school, I had the chance to take part in many extra-curricular activities and found a love for volunteering. Throughout the years, I have volunteered at the SPCA, home for disabled children, school for refugees, and at community recycling events. In my free time I enjoy photography, reading, horseback riding, and dance.

In the past, it was a struggle for me to find something I felt passionate about, so I know what it’s like to feel lost deciding what you want to do. However, volunteering and extra-curricular’s have helped me get a better idea of what I feel strongly about, and I’m excited to share those experiences! I hope you enjoy what I have to share and that it will help you along the way.

Best of luck in all your endeavors and happy reading!


Kelly Ma

Hello friends!

My name is Kelly and I am one of the rare students you will find at McGill in the new Bioengineering department. I am entering my second year (U1, not U2) this fall, where I hope to meet new people and try an array of different activities. 

I am an expat kid, having lived abroad in Europe for most of my teenage years. I love to learn new languages and to explore cultures other than my own. In my short time at McGill, I have practiced French, German, and Mandarin with my peers. 

Last year, I was involved with the MORE Residence Council as well as the Science Undergraduate Society. I would definitely encourage you to partake in faculty and other on-campus clubs because it’s a great opportunity to make friends and to network. This summer, I served as an Ask McGill Orientation Assistant with CL&E and a Waste Educator for SHHS. I have also worked alongside graduate students in two research labs on campus. I must reflect on the academic difficulties I faced in my first year at McGill; it’s always important to rest up and to eat well!

I hope I can share valuable advice regarding life at McGill through anecdotes and experiences. Best of luck to all of you!


Saumia Ganeshamoorthy

Hello fellow readers! My name is Saumia Ganeshamoorthy and I have just finished my second year (U1) year at McGill as a Political Science major and IDS minor. I was born in Australia but now live in Toronto (okay fine…Mississauga) except for when I’m studying here during the school year. I love exploring Montreal, but do get homesick often so I’m always going back and forth between ‘Sauga and Mtl!

As much as I love Polisci, I’ve explored a variety of fields before I got here. Throughout high school I volunteered at a lot of different places: a senior home, a summer camp, a tutoring centre, and a marathon are just a few. I also completed high school co-op at a medical centre and then worked at a  (different) medical centre in my last year of high school. I’ve pretty much done a little bit of everything: hosting fundraising events, admin work, lab work, teaching work, etc – which means I’ve got a plethora of stories to tell about finding and making the most of various opportunities. In terms of figuring out what I wanted to study in university, I clearly took a really convoluted road before deciding, but I would say it was my love for working with charity organizations which sparked my interest in social justice (and therefore Polisci/IDS). I currently am involved in a couple school clubs and am working on campus. I hope my stories and experiences about my post-secondary career path can help you guys (or, in some particularly bad anecdotes, give you a little laugh) and look forward to hearing from you in the comment section!


Vincent Hsu

Hi everyone!

My name is Vincent Hsu and I will be entering my last year this September majoring in Anatomy and Cell Biology. After my undergraduate degree here, I hope to pursue a career in dentistry.

During the last three years, I have been blessed with volunteering and job opportunities on campus and off campus and would like to talk about my experiences. I have worked at SSMU as the Elections Coordinator, worked part time as a laboratory assistant, and worked as an undergraduate TA. In Taiwan, I volunteered as an English teacher and interned as a research assistant.

Reflecting back on my undergraduate life so far, I have to say that it has been very challenging. There were times when I was not sure if studying science was the correct choice. There were times where I felt overwhelmed by the competition around me and was unsure if I could make it into professional school. From these worries which I have had, I would like to share some tips about surviving and life after undergraduate studies.

I hope you will enjoy reading my blog posts and learn something valuable!



Elizabeth Tkach

My name is Elizabeth Tkach and I just completed my first year at McGill. I’m an Accounting student in the Desautels Faculty of Management hoping to pursue my CPA designation. When I’m not studying, I’m planning events with McGill Students for UN Women and working as a private tutor in Math. As a born-and-raised Montrealer, I look forward to sharing my knowledge of how to participate in the Montreal community by getting involved. I hope that by sharing my experiences, I can bring some insight on how to balance academics, volunteering, working, and a social life. Whether you’re experiencing Accounting recruitment for the first time or trying to make the most of your volunteering opportunities, I hope you can take something away from my experiences.



Emily Sweer

Em6Hello readers!

My name is Emily and I am currently in the 2nd year of my Master’s program here at McGill (MATL: specialization in English Literature and Psychology). This Graduate degree will allow me to get my teaching certification for secondary schools (high school) and CEGEPs. My second goal, shortly down the road, is to get another Graduate degree, either in an M.A. in Counseling or in Educational Psychology.

There are three things that you should probably know about me. Number 1: I am an incredibly funny person; not in a ha-ha way, but in a “punny-witty” sort of way. Number 2: I have travelled many parts of the world while working on cruise ships as a Seasonal Youth Counselor. Number 3: I am a very sensitive person, with my heart on my sleeve (and sometimes on other parts of my body, depending on the day and the weather). I feel for others and I care, deeply.

I won’t tell you “good luck” finding a career, or “good luck” in the rest of your studies, because it isn’t about luck; it is about finding your path. There will always be bumps in your road, and sometimes the road won’t even look like a road at all. Sometimes you have to travel far down the rabbit hole before you can climb out of it like Alice in Wonderland. It isn’t about luck…it’s about fate. Follow the road. Find new roads. If something is meant to happen, it certainly will, with the right timing, dedication and perseverance.

I hope that you will enjoy reading my blogs. I can’t promise you much. I wish I could promise you cookies and brownies and some really nice nutella on a crepe with bananas, but this seems unfeasible. Would you settle for a smile instead?


Chelsea Chen

Hi, Readers!

ChenChelseaI’m a recent graduate from the Earth System Science program. If you haven’t heard of the program before, it’s because there’s under 30 students in the entire program. I did not choose my program with any real forethought of future career prospects. I chose it because I thought that I would impart some life wisdom from learning about how the earth regulated itself, believing that nature cannot be false. I did find what I was looking for, although it has more to do with how to live than with what to do for a living.

When I reflect back on my studies, I can say with confidence that I am more resilient now than I was before. Although not any more clear on the details of my career path, I now know what kind of work environment I am best suited for and that I would need to be happy. I give the credit to my experiences of working and volunteering in various fields and environments and also to keeping my interests and passions alive.

Since graduation, I’ve been working part-time at McGill’s Comparative Medicine and Animal Resource Centre. At the same time, I’ve been trying to clarify and organize my interests and reading through a long list of books which accumulated through my undergraduate studies. Right now, I’m solo-traveling through Southeast Asia until the end of March.

So, what can you expect from my posts? I will be answering my own questions and sharing that journey with you! No one else can do what you need to do, and I hope my experience can be reused and recycled for something helpful! Leave your thoughts, experiences, and questions in the comments, and I look forward to sharing with you!



Michelle Brais

MichelleBraisbloggerHello everyone,

I am a recent graduate from McGill’s B.A. & Sc. Sustainability, Science and Society (SSS) programme. I am from Montreal, born and raised. I am particularly adamant about good health and environmental and social issues. I will be writing about sports, volunteering, job (and a bit of soul) searching.

My whole life, I knew what the next was step until now. I applied to one high school, one CEGEP, and one university, ones that would keep all the doors open. And then it hit me in first year… I need to pick a door. There is no best school, no best programme, no best career, just ones more suitable for me. Grades won’t matter anymore in the work world, experience will. I had to get involved, create experiences, discover what I wanted to do, and quite importantly what I did NOT want to do. At McGill, I was involved in the Varsity Badminton Team, Midnight Kitchen and the Student Association of SSS. During my studies I went on exchange to Strasbourg, France and did a study abroad to learn German in Kassel, Germany as well as a research internship in Hamburg, Germany. After all of that “expatriating,” I am currently searching for jobs exclusively in Montreal. I decided that I do not want to be away from home anymore, my first career decision which closed the international doors. I also decided that I cannot go into a Master’s degree without knowing what kinds  careers exist in sustainability, thus closing the doors to a Master’s for now. At this moment, one thing is for sure, I am particularly intent on finding work in an environmental organisation regardless of the position. I know that for me, the cause is more important than the salary.

Please join me as I have a roller coaster journey in this after grad abyss as I try to fill the void with the prospects of my future.


Deanna Duxbury



My name is Deanna and am studying in my second year (U1) at McGill! I’m in the Faculty of Arts and majoring in English (with possible minors in Political Science and Communications). I love living in Montreal and when I’m neither reading, writing or playing music I’m usually out exploring the city!

In the past I’ve worked in literature retail, clerical jobs and coordinator positions. There have been many ups and downs but I’ve never worked a job I didn’t love and I’m very excited to be able to share my experiences with you. My goals going forward after my undergrad are to teach internationally and attend graduate school, although I understand that in this world one needs to be flexible and open to what the future may hold!

I hope you enjoy my posts about the working world, volunteering, research, career planning, personal growth and all manner of things I can think up that are relevant, relatable and entertaining! You can reach me at if you have any questions or comments about my blog posts, travel, work or life experience.

Best of luck on all your journeys, and thank you for stopping by!


Anastasia Ejov 

Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 2.49.10 AMHi everyone!

My name is Anastasia Ejov and I am a second year student studying Linguistics and Microbiology through the Faculty of Arts. I love learning new languages, dancing, binge-watching historical documentaries and befriending puppies with nice ears. I’m a creative soul with a love for culture and the unknown.

I have always been one to know exactly what I want to do and how I want to get there, and good riddance because I do not think I would be where I am in McGill and at my life if it were not for those goals. For the longest time, it was always about the known success that would make my parents or friends or the like content with my actions, I never once thought about what made me happy. Getting the acceptance letter from McGill, I knew there and then that I had a whole lot of unknown in front of me and it was terrifyingly exhilarating. I understood that it was alright not to know, not knowing provided for many unique experiences. I still have my set goals, for example applying to law school after my four year undergrad is finished and hopefully becoming a successful lawyer, that being said I also just switched my major three times and have the complete capacity to switch my courses half way in (yes, even with the dreaded fee). The goals may remain, but the trajectory may change twofold.

I sincerely hope that by sharing my personal experiences, good and bad, we can create a bridge between the known and unknown and not be afraid to explore. Let not our daunting fear hold us back from growing and experiencing wonderful adventures as we attempt to try and find our seat on this trajectory to stability, success and happiness.



Samantha Scholes


Hey everyone, I’m Samantha and I’m a U2 student in the Faculty of Arts double majoring in psychology and economics. I was born in Montreal but currently live nowhere near the campus. This will be the first year I’m attending school while working a part time job at the same time. Although I have already picked my majors, if I’m being honest with you guys, I have no idea what my plans are after I’ve finished; whether it’ll be grad school or heading straight to the work force. I have this year and next to figure this out, and while exploring my options this year I plan to keep you all in the loop in case you’re experiencing the same problems as I am.

I’m hoping to give you information & advice about events going on in Montreal (and outside of Montreal for those who didn’t live near like me!), events and sessions going on at McGill, maintaining a job while going to school, and my journey looking for volunteer opportunities and trying to find a lab to work in during the school year.

Hopefully my posts will be of use to you, and good luck to everyone this year!




Carly Meredith


Hey McGill!

My name is Carly Meredith and I’m in my third year of law school. The problem is I don’t think I want to be a lawyer in a big firm and so I’m right there along with many of you trying to figure out exactly what I want to do (and collecting the degrees in the meantime). Ideally, it would be a combination of law, politics, fitness, public speaking, travel and hockey. Suggestions welcome as to what that may be!

Before law school I completed an undergraduate degree in International Studies and Modern Languages at the University of Ottawa and before that, I finished a D.E.C. in Languages at Dawson College. I am originally from Montreal and so I speak English and French perfectly and I have picked up some Spanish and Italian along the way.

In the past, I have worked in maritime piracy, insurance, translation, youth protection, printing, and law. I am heavily involved with Montreal’s Irish community, I sit on the Board of Directors of a Halfway House, I am a member of Innocence McGill and, every year, I volunteer for the Montreal Children’s Hospital.

I sincerely hope that by sharing my personal experiences and insights as I figure out what comes next for me, that I may shed a little light on what comes next for you too. Expect me to share lots of personal anecdotes, but be sure that I will craft them in a way that will either inform you about something useful or get you thinking about the world around us. I look forward to interacting with all of you as we navigate through the world of getting through school while preparing for our future careers. Keep reading and keep in touch!


Paola Garces


Hi Readers! My name is Paola Garces and I’m a third year student studying Psychology through the Faculty of Arts. For the past year, I have been working for the McGill Alumni Center, as a student caller. In my spare time, I record music for the album I’m working on and run a humanitarian blog.

Through my posts I’d like to show you what you can do about pursuing several different fields by taking up volunteer positions and small part time jobs here and there. I am a strong believer in not limiting yourself and exploring as much as possible while the opportunities arise!

Above all, I am hoping that you will be able to take away something from my experiences. Whether it’s about being unhappy where you’re working, confusion about taking on a job that has nothing to do with your field your study, having a hard time balancing a job and school, I’m hoping to help. Leave some comments and questions and I hope the posts will assist you in your future plans!


Cindy Kang


Hi everyone!

My name’s Cindy Kang and I’m super excited to be one of your CaPS bloggers for this year. I’m currently a third year Management student majoring in Economics with an additional concentration in Strategic Management- Social Business and Enterprise. I also work as clerk at a local grocery store here in Montreal and love to volunteer, so hopefully I can provide some insight on balancing academics, extra-curriculars and part time jobs.

Following undergrad, my goal is to go to law school and explore the legal profession. As of right now, I’m not completely set on what type of law I would like to practice. That being said, competition law (or anti-trust law) definitely appeals to me since it combines both my interest in economics and my somewhat idealistic pursuit of justice.

Now that I’m halfway through undergrad and have the daunting task of law school applications to consider, I’m starting to think more seriously about planning for the future and how to make the most out of my final two years at McGill. I can’t wait to share all my career related experiences with you guys, including the good, the bad and the ugly. Feel free to leave any questions or comments!


Eunice Worifah

Eunice CaPS photoHi Friends!

My name is Eunice Worifah! I am a third year Science student, with a major in Psychology and a minor in Chemistry. I currently work at Campus Life & Engagement as Coordinating Assistant of the Leadership Development Program. I also recently worked at the Montreal Neurological Institute as a Special Events Clerk.

When I am not working or studying, I still love to keep myself busy, by engaging in intramural Basketball, exploring the beautiful city of Montreal, or volunteering for various projects (the picture of me was taken at the Just for Laughs Festival this past summer – I volunteered as security for one of their headlining events).

After I graduate, I am very uncertain of what the future holds – Grad school? That 9-to-5 life? Travelling the world? – only time will tell! However, one thing I know for sure is that with every new experience I have, I am one step closer to finding my true passion and embarking on the right path for me. So my advice to you: Get Involved!

I really hope that by sharing my experiences with you all, I can inspire you to get more involved in our great community, find that balance between academics and extracurriculars, and become the leaders you can be! This year is going to be a very hectic one for me, and I am truly exciting to have you on the journey with me!

Stay tuned!


Robin Luo

Robin Luo Photo

Hey there,

My name is Robin and I’m an U2 Pharmacology student. I came from Vancouver, but in just two years I’m addicted to Montreal’s winter landscapes. I’m considering medical school or academia after graduation, but there’s yet to be a thunderbolt to carve that into stone. My interests include spacing out and thinking too much. If you bump into me though, come say hello and I’d be happy to share my thoughts!

Volunteering is my favorite pastime, since there are so many opportunities in the McGill community. Get involved and get rewarded; I just can’t say enough good things about it.

I’ve worked in the fields of electronics and IT, which seems irrelevant with my studies at first. I shall explain more in the future about effective strategies to find jobs and using the skills you have to get a position in (nearly) any job. For those of you who want to get some research experience, you’d be happy to know that I will be posting about the do’s and do not’s of getting into those elusive labs.

Anywho, best of fortunes to all of you in the upcoming year!



Yuning Bie


Hi people,

My name is Yuning Bie and I am currently in my third year at McGill. I am pursuing my degree in Biology and Computer Science. I have lived in Montreal for a really long time. That makes me sort of an expert on all things Montreal. What I enjoy the most are the bike rides along the canal, the summer night fireworks, and Gibeau Orange Julep.

I do not know what my future will be like, but I can already envision it to be filled with adventures and explorations of the unknown. This is part of why I hope to orient my career towards the mysterious field of Bioinformatics or Computational Biology.

In my spare times, I enjoy making and creating cocktails even though I am not a big drinker myself and practicing some scales on my clarinet.

I’m involved in labs, CaPS’s Career Leadership Program and the university board for the following academic year. I’m also a self-proclaimed semi-professional volunteer. I would like to show you through my blogs about the hows and the benefits of finding meaningful experiences on and off the McGill campus.

Keep working hard and good luck will come to you.


Phoebe Warren


Hi all!

My name is Phoebe and I am a U2 student (second year) in the Faculty of Arts double majoring in political science and history with the aim of one day working at a Foreign Service Officer for the US State Department. I spent my entire life up until last year in the Deep South and am immensely grateful to be living in this city. My extracurricular interests include travel, learning new languages, cooking, reading, and playing folk music on my various instruments.

I consider myself a self-taught expert on finding and taking advantage of all the incredible services offered here at McGill. My friends are constantly asking me for information and advice about different workshops, scholarships, and internship opportunities on campus! This past summer I interned for three months at Liberal International, the world federation of political parties in London, England for which I won a grant from the Arts Internship Office and will be writing an extensive research paper this term.

In addition to several volunteer positions, I have been chosen as a McGill UofMosaic Fellow for The Mosaic Institute for the 2015-2016 academic year in addition to working at the Unitarian Church of Montreal. With my blog posts, I hope to highlight the ways in which all students can and should learn more about the services and opportunities we are given during our time as university students. I can’t wait to start writing my blog posts – stay tuned!

You can contact me at with any questions or comments.



Sandy Wong

sandyHello, dear readers! My name is Sandy Wong and I will be a first year U0 student in the Faculty of Science. This is the first time I have lived outside of my awesome hometown, Windsor, Ontario. I expect the transition from living at home to living in a dorm to be a challenge, but it’s one I am eager to face, and possibly write about. Throughout high school, I’ve had a few jobs. I hope to continue working throughout school—I am very excited to share my past, present, and future job search experiences with others. Perhaps you’ve noticed that I haven’t mentioned what I’m majoring in, or what I hope to pursue. That is something I hope to figure out soon within my first year here. There are many opportunities available throughout the year for students to inform themselves to plan for their future careers. These events I fully intend to attend, and will gladly share the dates and times and information on these opportunities as well as some of my own thoughts.

Despite my seeming lack of direction major-wise, I do enjoy volunteering and investing my time in many hobbies. Prom was my excuse to make my own Duck Tape attire, which I suppose is the most worth mentioning of my artsy crafty projects. I’ve played piano for a great deal of my life, and very much enjoy it. When I’m not studying, eating, and listening to music simultaneously you can probably find me curled up reading a book or writing (probably rewriting) something on the computer. Or doodling, that happens a lot too.

I’m really no expert, but I hope that by reading about my own learning experiences, others out there will learn something new or helpful. And possibly be entertained.



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