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Games and Motivation


Sometimes it’s easy to keep up with deadlines. Other times harder than scaling Mount Everest. It’s easy to push things for later and end up procrastinating. I find the hardest step to be getting started.

Stress season is about to hit again, so I would like to share some tips that I use to boost myself out of a low.


A Read-a-thon for Reading Week


Reading week is the long-awaited chance for everyone to catch a breath after midterms.

I challenge everyone to go on a read-a-thon this week. I have prepared a list of great (read: free) hideouts for any bookworms out there.


Build Your Brand: A Website

websitesIt seems like everyone’s got a website these days. Every company, every organization, they all got one. It’s not just a fad, more and more personal portfolio websites are popping up too. A personal website is a great way to showcase some of your works and interests, and with some tips you can really “wow” employers. Here are some things I learned when building my website.


Science: Research, Projects, Academia Week, and More!

lab-roomOh January, the time for new starts and beginnings. A time for peace and quiet. Wait. How come I’m hearing the words “apply” and “deadline” again?

Good news everyone (in sciences and engineering), the NSERC URSA grant applications are making their way around again.

Here’s all the fuzz about that and some ideas on how to beginwith the search.



Stimulating Stimulants

Coffee-BeansFinals are finally over and hello to Christmas vacation! School can get pretty rough and rushed, especially during the end of each semester. To have one more cup or not to have one more cup, that is a rhetorical question.

Most university students consume coffee regularly and some turn to other stimulants in order to alleviate the stress and the workload. I was curious so I looked into some facts about coffee and energy drinks. (more…)

The Catch-22

catch22-finaledit-1The original Catch-22 came from Joseph Heller’s novel Catch-22. A squadron of airmen were assigned a dangerous mission and the only way out is to declare your own insanity and therefore be unfit for the mission. Catch-22 was a rule that stated any airmen fearing a dangerous mission is being rational and therefore not insane. This paradox left the squadron with no choice but continue on to a journal they know they might not return.


Tunnel Your Way Around Campus

blocking-the-wayBrrr isn’t it cold outside? Temperatures are quickly approaching subzero, and the freezing descent has just started. It’s a hassle to put on winter attire between classes just to take them off a few minutes later. You will be pleasantly surprised there are plenty of ways to get around campus without ever exposing yourself to the chilly air.


My Internship Haunt

insights-keyholeSo I was looking for an internship last week on MyFuture  and one job post really grabbed my attention. It was a San Francisco-based tech company hiring for a Programmer Extraordinaire. I know I’m still some ways away from the Extraordinaire, but I plan to get there some day. Even though it’s a programming job post, it brings up some good points I’d like to share with everybody.


Autumn Falling

0626b9291bfe41c8cdc3228de77be35eIt’s already snowed and we haven’t even reached November. Is it winter already? Even though I grew up here I’m still surprised by how fast we transition from a toasty summer day to a dark rainy afternoon. There’s not much time before the snow blankets the city. There are a few more events in October to attend before the city enters a hibernatory winter.


Come Out to Tech Fair!

IMG_0045Woot! Who else is excited for Tech Fair? Every year the New Rez lobby is packed by tons of Tech Fair goers, and this year, this will be happening on October 7th and 8th. For those of you not in the know, Tech Fair is a career fair of various companies in the technology sector. They come to introduce themselves and recruit talented students, especially in engineering and computer science. As a networking event, it’s one of the biggest and most fun at McGill.


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