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What I learned from being turned down after interview

So I attended an interview for a medical scribe position and was turned down a few weeks back. I would like to share some information on this exciting job, why I was turned down, and how I used what I learned to succeed in something else. (more…)

The Pre-med Summer

MEDVIDEO440x244Welcome, the days of long sunshine. Welcome, the bloom of festivals.

So it’s summer. The perfect time to catch a break from a year of hard work.

For sure! But to a pre-med, there’s plenty to do for a fulfilling summer plan.


Reference Letters

reflet“Hi, can you write a reference letter for me?”

If only it were so simple to get a reference letter.

If you need to apply for any graduate programs and awards for next school year, now is the perfect time to start soliciting around! (more…)

Beating the Curve: Academics

beat-the-forgetting-curve-5-728So there is this curve that students should concern themselves with. No, it’s not the grading curve, although that is a good kind of curve. I am talking about the forgetting curve.

It is really annoying when you forget something you know you have seen before, but the details are just out of reach. Here are some things I learned while learning about remembering.


Preparing for Medical School: Part 3

keep-calm-and-mcat-onThis is the final part of my series on the MCAT. Here are part 1 and part 2. This is about the things to expect on test day.

So you have prepared long and hard to study for the exam. I dug around on the internet for some advice and tips. Here are the most helpful suggestions that helped me. (more…)

Preparing for Medical School: Part 2


The new MCAT is here to stay. How exciting! I’m here to give you a first-hand recount of how it went for me. This is part 2 of that story, here is part 1.

So I just took the MCAT first time over last weekend. Oh Boy, was it fun. Let me start from the beginning.


Preparing for Medical School: Part 1


Preparing for any of the graduate and professional schools can be a lot of work. There are the exams, the applications, the essays, and interviews.  So if you’re thinking about pursuing medical school or the like. Fantastic! So am I. This winter break I will be immersing myself in preparation for the MCAT.

I will be discussing some considerations and tips before embarking on this journey. (more…)

Landing a Research Project in Science

scienceOne of the most common questions science students ask themselves is: “How/Why/Where/When do I get started with research?”

Most labs have limited financial and human resources, so it’s hard for them to accommodate and train a complete beginner.

It’s true, professors look for research experiences on your CV, it’s the reason I was turned down at my first interview for a volunteer research position.

So what’s the good news? Here’s how to get started.


Impacting Your Education – Course Evaluations


As you all probably have heard and received many reminders about, course evaluations are now open for you to complete. Did you know for the past few years response rate has risen to 48%? Lend us your help to get push through 50%! Visit the McGill Mercury site now to complete your evaluations!

But what’s the big deal about these anyway? Does anyone care enough to read my responses? Fear not, sitting as the SSMU representative with the Course Evaluations Advisory Group is yours truly, and I’m here to say “Yes, your feedback is important!”


Let’s talk Finances: Tuition and Housing

piggy bankWhether this is your first or last semester, it’s a good idea to take a moment aside to make sure your bank accounts are in good shape.

With undergraduate tuition hovering at an annual amount of $4k for IP, $9k for OOP, and $37k for Int’l and inflating ~1% every year, fees can really cause a headache. While an aspirin does wonders for all sorts of bodily pain, it won’t heal the wallet. Here I will cover some (highly) experimental and theoretical ways to achieve a state of financial awesomeness.


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