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Be Safe!

Well, I’ve got a lot to catch up on in terms of what’s going on for work.  (more…)

Summer of Paint and Books

art-books-cats-paint-painting-Favim.com-286808 After ample quality time with paint, I am much more confident about painting walls, wood, and large metal objects. Keeping the paint away from smearing all over my clothes? Not so much. (more…)

Work: 2 Weeks In

canThree cheers for the weekend! I’ve finished the second week of work. For the past two weeks, I’ve woken up at around 6 am, ate breakfast, and have gone to work for 7 am. At 3:30 pm, I leave work, get home, do some exercise, eat, shower, and eat some more. (more…)

First Day on the Job

So, today was my first day at my summer job. I’m working as a summer student as part of the summer lottery program in my hometown. Students apply, and are chosen by random draw. Around 1000 students applied, and about 120 students received jobs (more…)

Dog Days of Summer

It’s hard to believe that only a little more than a week ago, I was slaving over my notes, studying and cramming like every other student preparing for their final exams.

I am so glad those few weeks are finally over. Fast forward (more…)

The Summer Job Search Continues

summerjobThere’s only a month left of school, and my summer job search continues. I’d been hoping that I would have planned something out for the summer by now, but unfortunately, that is not the case. For the past few months,
I’ve been searching and applying for various jobs. I’m going home for the summer, so my job search vicinity is mainly for jobs in my hometown, which narrows down the possibilities a lot.


Gearing up for the Summer

jobpicWith an entire week of no class ahead of us, reading week seems like a good opportunity to hunker down and finally figure out what to do with our four months of summer, if we haven’t done so already. There are many different
possibilities: one could travel, or do summer school, or like me and many other students, try to find work. That’s something a lot easier said than done. With so many students looking for jobs, the hunt may seem way too daunting.


Getting Involved

dance So it’s been a month since our return to school. New semester, new stuff going on. Activities have continued on from first semester, but there have been a bunch of other opportunities to get involved. There have been events put on by Rez Life for those in Rez, like an in Rez Activities Night. There was also a (more…)

New Year Goals

fireworksAs 2014 comes to an end, and the new year arrives, it is that time of the year again, when goals are made to make the next year better than the last. Whether it be finding a job, choosing to focus more on school or choosing to volunteer somewhere, making a personal goal to improve yourself is something good. (more…)


slippery-slope-3Once you get behind in something, it is just the beginning of a slippery slope. Take me, for instance. Spending hours late at night on a particularly challenging assignment meant that I slept through more than a few classes. I still need to catch up on those lectures, while keeping up with current material. And then there is that other assignment assigned to replace the one that was slaved over and completed only a few nights ago.


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