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inst_mcgillbrown1If you have a question about this blog site, please contact Linda Cicuta, Career Advisor at CaPS.

For information about the services and resources available at CaPS, please visit





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3 responses to “Contact Us”

  1. Linda Cicuta says:

    In regards to your question about MCAT study groups, I would suggest you reach out to your student association. We have resources on the MCAT as well as links to orgs that offer study prep ( but your fellow students would know if there are any groups you could join.
    Hope this helped.

  2. Kedar Mate says:


    Hope this message finds you well. I was wondering if there are any mcat study group/s at McGill that I could connect. I am quite certain there are some students who plan to give MCAT exam this year.

  3. Jonathan Grill says:

    Hello, I am a graduate from McGill who has been in the states and now I am planning to go back to Montreal. Can you please email me the page and phone number for Career Services?

    Thank you,

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