So, About Volunteering…

Have you been adamant about volunteering throughout your academic career? Have you been told that volunteer work is extremely important for building your resume? I’ve definitely heard this before, and I’ve been hearing about it since high school. But I have to admit— I’m a little late to jump onto the volunteering wagon. And it isn’t all my fault. Let me tell you why…


5 Life Lessons I Learnt from my Internship Abroad


Last summer, I had the trip of a lifetime when I was offered an internship in San Francisco with a non-profit organization who’s mandate dealt with everything I believed in and loved. I had spent most of my life growing up in one of the suburbs of Vancouver, and coming from a low-income household, never really had the opportunity to travel – inside or outside of Canada. Hence, I was beyond excited to fly across the country to sunny California to get to work!


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