Mental Health Support for Students on Tight Schedules

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Has this happened to you? You know you already have too much on your plate, and you are eager to make the most of every opportunity. In one way or another, you end up setting goals and standards that are beyond your current means. Okay, maybe you can accomplish everything if you take out the time required for sleeping and eating. And being at a competitive university doesn’t help the struggle.

I am like you.


What is Burnout and How to Reignite

Many of us may not realize it, but we all experience this at some point. Maybe it’s at the end of cramming for and taking 5 exams, the finale of a faltering relationship, or the aftermath of a major life transition. Maybe it will come after University when we’re job hunting in a recession or attempting to rediscover ourselves all over again.
Regardless of our personal experiences, we will all have lows accompanying our highs and frustrating plateaus accompanying our successes. It’s a great skill to learn how to recognize and accept these lows and plateaus, to appreciate and learn from them, and then to have a way of moving forward with even greater clarity and conviction than before. It’s also helpful to get a handle on this now, before burnout is knocking at your door during midterms.
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